Josquius 13:19 25 Jun 2004

1: I want to get rid of my C drive and merge it with my D drive which is the one used. They are both on the same disk. How could I go about doing this?
2: What normally goes wrong with USB ports? On a computer they have stopped working it seems.

  stlucia 13:35 25 Jun 2004

1. You can either re-partition your disk using fdisk, which will lose all your information and programs. Or you can get Partition Magic, or similar, software which will combine or split disks without losing data.

2. Tell us more -- presumably something plugged into USB is not working? Did it suddenly stop? What was going on when it stopped?

  Josquius 13:46 25 Jun 2004

1. I've tried partition magic though it doesn't work with windows xp.
I don't want to risk totally reformatting as that is what messed up the computer last time.
2. I don't think its ever worked since the reformat. Nothing plugged into it will work.

  Dumble452 16:31 25 Jun 2004

You could try Acronis Partition Magic which was a freebie on a cover disk a few months ago. It worked for me. Sorry I can't remember which issue.

  CHAIRLEG 18:41 25 Jun 2004

Acronis Partition was Issue 104 Sring 2004

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