Questionable hard drive size

  Meshuga 21:00 26 Feb 2003

I am using WinME and have just had a 20gb hard drive fitted in place of a defective 10gb. On checking with Belarc advisor it shows the hard drive as 2.15 gb. In my computer properties the pie chart shows used space as 1.30gb and free space as711mb. Capacity shows as 1.99gb. The hard drive is a Seagate. The packaging was unopened when supplied and is marked as 20GB. Have I got
a wrong HD in a wrongly labelled box?. Ideas please. Meshuga.

  « Ravin » 21:14 26 Feb 2003

have you formatted it with fat32?

  Djohn 21:16 26 Feb 2003

Probably the motherboard not recognising the correct drive size. Which board is it and what is the date of the BIOS.

  DieSse 21:21 26 Feb 2003

There's two possible reasons - both hinted at above.

The drive may have been wronglt partioned (set-up) with fdisk - if "Support for Large Hard Drives" (FAT32) is not selected, then 2Gb will be the maximum size.


The motherboard may not be capable of supporting drives over 2Gb, and needs a special program to fool the motherboard into accepting it. The implication here is that your 10Gb drive must therefore have been set up with such a program.

If the former, redo the fdisk.

If the latter, get the appropriate software from the Drive manufactureres site (Seagate = Disk Wizard)

  Meshuga 21:32 26 Feb 2003

Many thanks to all who replied. Unfortunately
I did not fit the drive so cannot answer your questions and will have to contact the person who did the job. Thanks again. Meshuga.

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