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  tbh72 01:23 29 Mar 2003

Is it possible & SIMPLE, to set up an automatic redirect under certain conditions. For example, my hosting company has moments of downtime, is it possible to detect / intercept and reroute a site visitor to a temporary server. So instead of getting a "This page cannot be found error", they get directed automaticall to my isp webspace?

  tbh72 01:25 29 Mar 2003

I should just add, and this is the bit that stumps me. How do I code it so it only redirects if my hosting company are down, this is the only time I would require the code to work.

  tbh72 01:31 29 Mar 2003

It's not possible is it!!!! How could it be done, no server no code to redirect, silly me!!!

  tbh72 01:41 29 Mar 2003

No wait, this is a very one sided conversation.

The url the visitor has is the temporary one, when the click on the url the first thing to happen is they are taken to a "please wait a moment screen" on the temporary server. There's a clever piece of code which then checks the proper host, if working visitor get sent to the official website, if the website is down they stay put!!!

So how do you test a website for a 404 error & direct as necessary?

  Djohn 01:41 29 Mar 2003

Just because no one answered you doesn't mean you have to talk to yourself. :o)

  tbh72 01:42 29 Mar 2003

Hi John, How are you this morning? Silly question I know, you must be out of your mind at times.

  powerless 01:47 29 Mar 2003

Let him talk himself it could get interesting ;-) 01:55 29 Mar 2003

if my hosting company kept having moments of downtime, I would find another one.
Just a thought:-)

  tbh72 01:59 29 Mar 2003

It's only happened about three times in two years, but if I can get this to work it can be put into practise for all types of things.

  Djohn 02:09 29 Mar 2003

Thank you for asking, yes i'm ok. J.

  Forum Editor 11:21 29 Mar 2003

(but a tad time consuming in an emergency) is to set it up as follows:

1. Host your domain with a company which allows you to point the domain to another nameserver.They won't charge much for a simple domain parking service as a rule.

2. Host your site with your normal host, but put a mirror on your ISP server as well.

Now, when the main host goes down, you can change the nameserver details to those of your ISP, and visitors will see the mirror.

When you say that your host has 'moments of downtime' I assume you mean those occasions when the server is having essential upgrade work done? Such occurrences are very rare, and usually only result in an hour of downtime. All hosts have to do this, and most people don't find it a problem. I run many sites for clients - some them very large corporate sites - and the odd downtime hour has never really been a problem. Good hosts will always warn you several days in advance, so you can tell regular vistors, or even post an advance warning on your site.

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