[Question] Transferring two internal hardrive

  acejunior 15:53 27 Oct 2014

so i have two laptops ,not a gaming laptop just a regular one , the brand of those two would be toshiba, toshiba satelite c800D and toshiba satelite c40-A

my c40-A's screen got broken , my little brother accidentally dropped one of his book on the screen so yeah , lets just leave that there, anyways , i have some files on that laptop and i was thinking of getting it's hard drive , 500 gb isnt shabby , well atleast for me , and transfer it to my c800d, i haven't opened both so i don't know if either one of those two have a secondary bay for additional hard drive but that's not my concern , since my original plan was converting the internal hard drive of my c800d to an external one since it has a lower space and yeah have the c40d-a hard drive on it.

so my main concern would be if i change my c800d hard drive to that of c40d-a's hard drive what do i have consider? i mean aside from the size of it , i mean im pretty sure they both would have 3.5 hard drive , do i have to download additonal software or what so ever ? or would it just normally read the hard drive load the OS installed in it etc etc.

also any recommendation on what i should do to my old broken laptop ? (c40d-a) , i was planning on getting the ram/ddr3 memory of it as well as the ati/amd graphic/video card, but im not really sure what to do on them, cause all im doing is you know , make the most out of the scrap.

thanks in advance :)

  Jollyjohn 16:17 27 Oct 2014

The larger HDD will move into the working laptop and may boot but you will need the correct drivers for that laptop for the graphics, lan / wireless connection, soundcard etc. Windows may need to be re activated as well.

If you have access to an external monitor then you could plug it into the busted laptop and copy the files you want across to the other laptop.

Then I would format the bigger drive, pop it in the good laptop and install Windows from scratch. You can always get back to a working laptop by swapping drives around!

  wee eddie 17:08 27 Oct 2014

Much less bother to put the C40 A's Hard Drive into a Caddy, and let things roll. No worries about the correct drivers etc.

Lappys do not have any spare space.

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