This is a question regarding shutting down your PC

  Graphicool1 14:59 09 Jul 2012

Windows 7

Hi Guys, when I shut my PC down, invariably a message appears in forming me that it is waiting for a programme to shut down. It then gives me the options to either 'Force Shutdown' or 'Cancel'.

When this screen appears, apart from once, many moons ago, it never tells me which programme is holding things up. Even though there is a space for it to do so.

My question there something that I can do to get it show me which programme is the culprit at that time. Without having to open the 'Windows Task Manager'.

  difarn 15:20 09 Jul 2012

Something you could try. The next time you intend to shutdown, make a note of the time, (hours and minutes). Then shut down. Then reboot Windows and go to the Event Viewer and search for any software or system events that are taking a long time to close from that time you noted.

Event Viewer: Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Event Viewer, then "Windows Logs" and Application and/or System.

  Nontek 15:20 09 Jul 2012

Hmm, I get the same message occasionally - I have found that it is any program that I have been using, that has a Quick-start icon in the bottom Task Bar. In my case, usually Skype and Incredimail. If I close/exit those two programs before shutting down, I do not get the message.

  northumbria61 15:23 09 Jul 2012

You can disable this warning as follows:

Open HKEY_USERS.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Desktop with name AutoEndTasks and give it value 1. This will enable auto-ending of tasks, without manual intervention.

You could also:

Navigate to HKEYLOCALMACHINE / SYSTEM / CurrentControlSet / Control. Click on the “Control” Folder. Select “WaitToKillServiceTimeout” Right click on it and select Modify. The default value is 20000. Setting it to a lower 4 digit value, (say 5000) will make your PC shutdown faster, but you could end up losing data, so use this tweak judiciously. Remember, Windows does not in any case, recognise a 3-digit numeral here.

  KRONOS the First 15:25 09 Jul 2012

Its nothing but just a program is taking too much time for closing... Don't be afraid of it...Just look for the program which is taking too much time in the same screen or else go to the task manager to find it out... Not really any other way I believe.

If you would rather not see the message, try this: Open a CMD Prompt and type: shutdown /f /s /t 0 that should do it, or use the shut down Shortcut.

  xania 15:29 09 Jul 2012

Do you find that the problem resolves itself within a few seconds and the PC then proceeds to switch off? If so, don't worry - leave it to its own devices.

I have this problem almost every time, although sometimes it also shows some programs which I have left running as well. I don't think its a good idea to 'Force Shutdown' and I've never done so myself. However, I have on occasion, cancelled the shut down and closed processes directly or via Task Manager and then re-tried.

  Graphicool1 15:39 09 Jul 2012

Although I appreciate every ones suggestions, I think perhaps I haven't phrased my question correctly.

The screen that tells me that a programme is holding things up has a space for Windows to show me what that programme is. But it doesn't show that programme, even though it has in the past! Why isn't it showing which programmes are holding up the shutdown anymore? It did once, it isn't anymore, why?

  KRONOS the First 15:54 09 Jul 2012

It happens sometimes, as I say it really is not a big deal.

  birdface 20:32 09 Jul 2012

It always shows me what program it is waiting for to close using W/7.

  xania 20:40 09 Jul 2012

But to answer your specific question, I SUSPECT that it isn't a program but a process within a program, and Windows isn't clever enough to identify back to the program. Which is why sometimes comes to the rescue.

  Graphicool1 11:59 10 Jul 2012


"it really is not a big deal"

Yes, in a way, you are of course right. If, when I turn on my PC it allows me to send and receive emails and do my work, that's all that really matters. However, I use my PC for far more than just those few things, as no doubt we all do.

When we use a PC we are always coming across a miriad of individual 'no big deals' and or the inevitable 'no problem' I can work around this. How can you know if this 'no big deal' isn't going to have a knock on effect? One day my PC might not start, by then I'll have either forgotten about the growing series of no big deals or decided that because they were no big deal they couldn't be anything to do with my PC not working!?

From what buteman is saying, he's obviously doing something right, even if he doesn't know just what that is. In other words, - when it's working as we want it to - we take the PC for granted that it'll do so tomorrow and the next day.

How many times have you heard/read a posting from someone asking for help because...

"Up until I turned my PC off last night it was fine, but this morning it won't start!"

It probably was fine, but what about all those 'no big deals'?

Just a thought?

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