Question Regarding Bootable CD Dilemma

  Chuck_Roast 23:15 23 May 2018

My question is not HOW to create a bootable CD.

My question deals with a dilemma that I am encountering while creating one.

I have no problem creating bootable CD's, but, using two different creation softwares, I run into the same problem.

My end goal is to end up with a bootable DOS 6.22 CD, which I can create with no issues.

Both of these creation softwares, (PowerISO, and Nero), allow you to create a bootable CD, providing you have the original boot disk, and I do, I have the three original Microsoft DOS 6.22 install floppies.

Now, as part of the creation, your allowed to add additional files/folders to the final burn, being that it will end up on a CD, which offers ample room for additional content.

So, I put Disk 1 of 6.22 into the floppy, and in the creation software, I drag and drop the additional files and folders, (in DOS ISO9600, non Joliet 8 character format), and burn the boot disk.

Boot disk works, I can boot from it, and am in the DOS 6.22 environment.

However, I can only see the "files" that I dragged and dropped into the compilation, NOT the "folders".

Both creation softwares have this same identical drawback.

Now if I look at that same boot disk in Windows 7 Windows Explorer, I can not only see the files I added, but I can ALSO see the folders I added. But when I boot from the CD, I can only see the files I added, NOT the folders.

To boot, (no pun intended), the folders that I am adding are from DOS. They are DOS created folders, with DOS created text files in them.

Being that both softwares fail at this, there must be some logic behind it.

What gives?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:52 24 May 2018

Do the folder titles have more than 8 characters?

  Chuck_Roast 18:55 01 Jun 2018

Long and short, problem was I was creating the bootable CD under the default premise of a virtual floppy. I needed to change it to a virtual hard drive. At that point, I then could encompass the entire 20MB hard drive that the entire DOS OS resided on, and then was able to create a working bootable CD that encompassed the entire DOS 6.22 environment.

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