Question re voice recognition software

  colberly 11:39 21 Feb 2004

My sister in law who has to use a PC in her work presently has RSI and I wondered if this software would help. The problem being that her PC is not a stand alone but is networked with several others in the office. Could the software be setup and used in this way? Her only other option is time off work which she can ill afford.

  Paranoid Android 13:59 21 Feb 2004

There are 2 main problems with voice recognition software. The first is that they have to spend a period of time 'learning'. The second is that you have to speak to your PC, which may not suit all office environments.

As long as it is a reasonably modern PC there should be no compatability issues. The fact that it is networked is immaterial.

My advice would be for your sister-in-law to have a chat with personnel. RSI is a health and safety issue, and provided that she can suggest a reasonable solution they should go along with it.

A quiet word with the system administrator may help too.


  colberly 14:03 21 Feb 2004

Thankyou so much for your reply I will pass the message along to her.

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