Question re: updating iTunes

  six-h 14:13 30 Apr 2009

I'm installing the current version of iTunes and "Setup Assistant asks if I want to automatically d/l Art work for songs.
This aparently needs an iTunes account.
Does that mean it costs?
Would anyone recommend accepting this feature?

  Grey Goo 15:06 30 Apr 2009

It just means you can get pretty pictures(album covers) to go with your library items. You can choose to show them or not. No cost involved

  Grey Goo 15:09 30 Apr 2009

Apart from cost of songs and then you need an account anyway. Have a look at Amazon downloads as well.

  six-h 15:15 30 Apr 2009

Thanks Grey Goo,
I've managed without this feature up to now, just wondered if it might deposit some nasty DRM protection software on my machine! lol
None of my music is DRM protected and I don't want to change that!

  john bunyan 16:02 30 Apr 2009

If you buy an iTunes voucher, you create an iTunes account to enable you to download music from their store. Even if you mainly put your own CD's on to i Tunes, it may be worth having. If you download from them in default mode the tunes come in .m4p format (their own) for 79 p but you can pay more (I think 99p) to get them in .mp3. Alternatively you can burn the .m4p to an audio Cd and re import them as .mp3. I actually have Roxio and they also have a album and music ID feature.They wont put DRM on your own stuff, just on their downloads.

  six-h 16:34 30 Apr 2009

Thanks john, the only thing that I'd use iTunes store for would be to grab Album Artwork.
So far I've been quite happy to search for it on Google Images, and paste it into the song files.
I think I'll continue that way to avoid having yet another company holding my card details and pestering me with spam!

I've only updated iTunes because I've found at the bottom of a "Load of junk" that one of the kids was throwing out, an iPod Mini (2nd gen) that's unresponsive, but not totally dead!
Thought I'd have a go at reviving it...but that's a cue for another thread!!

  john bunyan 16:47 30 Apr 2009

Fine, they only keep the balance on the voucher (£15 then decreases as you buy) They don't send spam. I have two libraries, and accounts - one each for the grandchildren and us oldies! I've put all our vinyl, cassettes, CD's etc onto an iPod with a good dock. Good luck JB

  six-h 17:32 30 Apr 2009

Thanks john, I'm struggling, it's a heluva lot more complicated than my little 512MB mp3 player and I don't have the luxury of resident experts anymore (kids). lol

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