Question re Microsoft Word - number of pages.

  oo7juk 22:19 30 Aug 2010


I'm using MS Word 2003 and have created a 2 page document with headers and footers.

The 2 page document contains 3 sections each section has a question using the "form field" option.


On page 1 I get to the last section and type in data, but as I keep on typing the 2 page document changes to a 3 page document. How do I limit the document to 2 pages, thanks.

  Forum Editor 23:33 30 Aug 2010

by using tables. Set a fixed row height, and no matter how much you type the row will not display more than will fit.

That may not suit your purpose, but it's worth a try. Select the rows, go to Table - Table Properties - Row, and check the box for "Specify height", type the measurement, then change the dropdown from "At least" to "Exactly".

  oo7juk 10:21 02 Sep 2010

Thanks for advise. This document will be getting sent to a third party and only format acceptable to them is in a "text file" format. Not sure if the table will work re text conversion even though I have hidden the borders.


  lotvic 10:54 02 Sep 2010

"only format acceptable to them is in a "text file" format"

Then I would think it advisable to 'design' it in notepad

Saving a Word Doc as a .txt file will mean that you lose all formatting, pictures and objects.

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