question re CPU upgrade for pentium,please help

  whizzer111 10:30 31 Mar 2008

I'm new to PC's.Purchased a HP Pavillion Athlon 64 phenom a few weeks ago.
I am mainly interested in gaming power (flight simulation especially).It has 3 gig RAM,which i think is more than adequate memory.

The CPU is 2.2 GHZ,not quite fast enough for my liking.

Quesion:I would like to upgrade it to 3GHZ for faster frame rates. I see there are DELL upgrades.Are these okay to install in any PC? Or just DELL? Can i install it myself? Or do i have to have it installed somewhere,such as PC world?
Thanks very much for any help.

  DieSse 12:04 31 Mar 2008

It might be down to the graphics - what graphics have you got? If you're not sure this will tell you - or give us the exact model number of your system

click here

Also - you can't upgrade an AMD system to an intel processor - it would have to be a faster AMD processor. Still need the system details to advise on that also.

  donki 12:20 31 Mar 2008

Is quite rite you have an AMD Motherboard so you will need to stay with AMD. IMO your CPU is more than good enouth for gamming and it is more down to your GFX card.

Its my guessing from experience of HP machines that yor GFX card is probably either onboard or a very very poor standard standalone card, either way nowhere near good enough for todays gaming.

Get yourself a 8800GT or GTS and you will be "flying" in no time. Also check the rating of your PSU you dont want it all going bang :).

  whizzer111 12:41 01 Apr 2008

Thankyou both for your replies.The frame rate is quite fast,indeed.Just that i see some games with '3 ghz recommended' (such as 'space shuttle') that i wish to buy sometime-and flight sim X is apparently very demanding-which i why i plumbed for FS2004.
The graphics card is onboard,and is a 8400GT i believe,256mb.Not bad i think.
Where can i get an AMD processor? Can i install myself? Cheers guys.

  donki 12:10 02 Apr 2008

The rating you are seeing on your games is the intel equivilant. AMD run at a lower clock speed but give a higher preformance. Also the processor is Quad core (4 in 1). I would strongly advise against changing your processor as it is running your games fine. Games are becoming more and more relient on the quality of GFX card.

I am afraid its your GFX card which is causing your woes, it may be an 8series but it is the lowest level 8 series (indicated by the 400 after the 8). For serious games such as Flight Sim X and space shuttle you will need at least a 8800 GT or GTS to have them running at a good level of detail. Your talking about £180 - £220 dependiing on what brand and spec of card your looking for. It is possibly one of the easiest things to install on a pc. You will simply disable your current onbard GFX device and install the new card and driver.

Anything else give me a shout.

  whizzer111 14:14 02 Apr 2008

Your 100% right Donki! Thanks for your help. I have just realised,AMD is about 20% faster than Pentium 4 processor.And yes,i just realised it quad core.sounds good lol.
Okay,i need a better graphics card.arrggh,why couldnt they install a decent one with this otherwise decent PC? lol.
Cheers Donki

  donki 15:13 02 Apr 2008

Yeah its a brand new CPU so you will be flying, definitely go for the 8800GT. There are 2 models each with a different memory size go for the 512mb (I think its 512, its 5?? :)).

Id say you have alot better than a "decent pc", I'm still on the old AMD dual core. Companies like HP, Packard Bell, Compacq etc dont put in a good stand alone card cause it puts another £200 on the price. Then the nice PC world avertisments stating low prices for top PC's would be gone.

The thing that does annoy me is if you had asked the oricals that are PC World staff "is this suitable for gaming?" they probaably would have answered "difinately sir, you better take it now before are stocks run out. They once sold me a Celeron laptop and told me the latest games would run just great. I have to take a fair bit of blame for this, although at the time it was my first real PC so I didnt know a Celeron from a hard disk.

Glad to be of help, now go buy buy buy!

  whizzer111 11:44 03 Apr 2008

Yep,i take your point regarding boosting price up.
Yep,they should be more honest-or employ more informed people.I was going to buy a laptop,but realised the power is limited,unless one spends twice that of a desktop.
I'm still a little ill informed on all this stuff.But i'm slowly getting my head around it all.
Cheers Donki

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