Question for PS Elements 2 users

  Skeletor 13:30 25 Oct 2003

I,ve been using Photoshop Elements for several months now (came free with a scanner),and have had great fun playing around and improving (sometimes) my photo's. My question is, is it worth upgrading to Elements 2? Does it have many extra worthwhile features?.. bearing in mind the £60-£70 pricetag. Christmas is only around the corner, so I have to start hinting soon.

Views and comments appreciated.


  Djohn 15:01 25 Oct 2003

Elements 2 is only a slight upgrade to Elements and you will not gain by upgrading.

Although yours came free with your hardware, [Scanner?] it is the same version you would have to pay £60.00 for in the shop as a standalone program.

It's an excellent program and one of the best to use. Once you feel you have outgrown it, then you will need to consider buying something like adobe Photoshop. This is the program that Elements is taken from, but far more powerful/expensive. Or Paint shop Pro. again quite expensive.

There are other programs that you may want to consider but the two above are the ones most used by people requiring professional image editing software at a reasonable price. j.

  Skeletor 15:47 25 Oct 2003

Thanks Djohn,

I agree, it certainly is an excellent program. I suppose if I'm honest, I was hoping someone would say "Yeah, go for it. Elements 2 is soooo much better than Elements 1... You must buy it!" (new toy an' all that)I know PSE 2 does have a few extra features, but maybe they don't justify the £60.

Any other comments appreciated.


  JIM 15:55 25 Oct 2003

Go along with our friend Djohn so not to much to add. (BUT if your game for a laugh )

Go to ebuyer,purchase a Canon Canoscan Lide50 1200x2400dpi Usb at Our Price £49.99
£58.74 inc VAT

I also purchased the Canon Canoscan Lide 80 at the same time. Now you might not want an other scanner,but i bet you know a man/woman that does. :)

The LiDE 50 also includes an advanced driver and Canon Toolbox for easy operation. These are accompanied by a variety of powerful applications including Arcsoft PhotoStudio and PhotoBase for image editing, OmniPage SE for Optical Character Recognition, NewSoft PageManager for document archiving and management and Adobe Photoshop Elements 2 for photo image adjustment.

Now, Christmas is only around the corner,as you say.Get my drift.(bearing in mind the £60-£70 pricetag)for Elements 2

Or i could give you mine (legal) if you donate £20 to a Hospice for children.

  Djohn 16:08 25 Oct 2003

As JIM says, Elements comes with the Canon scanners, I have the LiDE 50, excellent scanner and the program is thrown in for free. I also upgraded earlier this year to the Canon i850 printer and A70 camera. All the software that comes with each one works in a seamless manner and it's a joy to take a photo, or scan one, then print out. :o)

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