A question for forum members in Spain

  Meshuga 21:29 29 Oct 2003

My apologies to the FE for deviating from PC problems but can anyone tell me if Satellite
TV is available in spain and of course in English.
Sky tell me they no longer transmit to europe.
Any info would be welcome. I post this question here as I have had PC replies from spain in the past. Regards.Meshuga.

  AubreyS 21:48 29 Oct 2003

Hi Meshuga. So all your daughter is going to do when she gets to Spain is use her PC and watch TV. At least she'll ahve nice weather to do it! :-) click here
And I bet I'm more meshuga that you are!

  Meshuga 22:08 29 Oct 2003

AubreyS, Many thanks for your help. If your`e
more meshuga than me then my family have been wrong all these years in thinking I`m the craziest
bloke on the planet. Regards, Meshuga.

  AubreyS 22:17 29 Oct 2003

Meshuga. I had a good look round the web and that was all I could find on the subject. I hope it was of use. Well my dad always used to call me a shmeral, so I must be meshuga!

  powerless 22:23 29 Oct 2003


  DieSse 23:49 29 Oct 2003

Sky don't broad cast to specific places - satellites broadcast everywhere!

What matters is how strong the signal strength is in a particular area, as to what you can actually receive.

Basically you can just about get anything anywhere with the right equipment - but in some araes that means a 2.4m dish, a top flight LNB (.3dB noise factor), and a top performing receiver (and no- they're not all the same).

If you let me know whereabouts, I can give you more detailed answers, and what you need to know about cards and subscriptions too. Email me if you would like a more detailed response - in some areas I can recommend a good, technically competent installer too.

  powerless 23:57 29 Oct 2003

Told ya.

  Jack D 00:01 30 Oct 2003

But then again, subscriptions from outside the U.K. are not quite Kosher, are they?

  DieSse 00:28 30 Oct 2003

anything anywhere with the right equipment

BTW - I mean as far as Spain is concerned!!

Subscriptions are a touchy business - that's whay you need advice. Cards need to be registered to a UK address. It is an open secret (including with Sky) that many hundreds of thousands of cards registered to UK addresses are actually in use outside the UK. They are getting their dosh, so on that level at least they are not concerned, as no piracy is involved.

  john-232317 08:14 30 Oct 2003

There is probable more sky users here than in UK. ;-)

Bit dodgy reception in the rain though, like the last five or six days !!!

Shame it cant move to the U S.

  Meshuga 19:21 30 Oct 2003

Many thanks to all who have responded, namely
Powerless, DieSse, JackD, and AubreyS.
To AubreyS, I think I get the underlying message in your post. I`d be interested in hearing from you so perhaps you would like to email me using the envelope alongside my post. Regards, Meshuga

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