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  anniesboy68 20:34 18 Jul 2003

By force of habit I keep closing this site instead of logging off [sometimes that is]. Is there a problem with that, please?

  graham√ 20:39 18 Jul 2003

'logging off', what's that, then?


  mammak 20:50 18 Jul 2003

anniesboy68, cant see it being a big issue, up here but ofcourse a secure site such as your bank, then it might be a problem for you that is, regards Mammak

  DieSse 20:51 18 Jul 2003

I wouldn't think so - I didn't know it was possible to "log off". I often have it open twice when searching for past threads - this doesn't seem to cause a problem either.

So ... Don't worry about it.

  woodchip 21:00 18 Jul 2003

This is just a point but one that I do not follow, when you log off no one can get at your profile, In theory.

  High Plains Drifter 21:19 18 Jul 2003

Didn't realise we had so many "Forum Editors"


  woodchip 21:25 18 Jul 2003

Why not e-mail him just above this box little gray letters, so he's not bothered too much by e-mail.

And I thought that the question was going to be "How was the Holiday"?? - I have not seen FE for quite a while!!

  Sir Radfordin 22:15 18 Jul 2003

By logging off you will close your session on the server. It could be that if we all did it we would get a quicker system but its unlikely. The server will no doubt clear sessions after a period of time to prevent there being lots of non-closed one's clogging things up.

Some secure systems force you to log off, or if you don't log off before closing the browser window will lock you out or prompt you next time to log off first.

This isn't a secure site so there is no security risk involved.

  User-312386 22:19 18 Jul 2003

you close your browser in PCA you infact log off automatically

  anniesboy68 12:22 19 Jul 2003

thanks all bye

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