Question for Flecc (or other bright sparks)

  bruno 09:41 02 Nov 2003

I have two hard discs.Drive C is 60Gb and has 98se as the O/S.Drive D is 20Gb and O/S is XP Pro.When I boot up I have 30 seconds to decide which to use.
I am thinking about installing XP on the larger drive and getting rid of 98se as I seldom use it.What I am unsure about is the best way of approaching it, and would my D drive stay usable if things do not work out first time on my alterations to drive c.
I did a download of Fleccs instructions on dual booting sometime ago but it does not seem to cover this situation.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:16 02 Nov 2003

Personally I would keep the XP on the disk that it is on (D) and wipe the larger disk. You can then dump programmes, songs and turgid information on the large disk thus keeping the disk with the XP OS clean and tidy. You will have to edit the boot ini. file to prevent lock ups is easy to do. Billy boy has a good here and I think this one is a better site here

An easier way to get rid of Win 98 is to just delete the C:\Windows folder (do this from inside XP). Then just delete the C:\Program Files folder (providing that you haven't installed any XP progs in there)if you do just delete the C:\Windows folder, also edit the C:\boot.ini file, take out all references to Windows 98 and ensure XP is set as default OS and that the timeout is set to 0. Have a butchers here for a more comprehensive explanation.


  bruno 10:55 02 Nov 2003

Thank you for the post Gandalph,I will have a quiet read over the links you sent.Keep me occupied this wet morning.

  flecc 13:06 02 Nov 2003

Agreed with Gandalf on all points.

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