Question on Braebo Ares

  JonnySpam 16:05 09 Jan 2012

I see that this pc got a very good review but I have never heard of Braebo. Can anyone shed any light on this companby and whether it is safe to get one. Spec and price look great so very tempted !!!

  Woolwell 16:30 09 Jan 2012

I had never heard of them. It isn't listed in Companies House. The domain name appears to be around for 1 year. Google maps and street view shows just houses. Maybe a one or 2 person company. This does not mean that they are bad.

  JonnySpam 18:46 09 Jan 2012

Thanks for that, my quick look learned as much. Just surprised that respected site like pc advisor would promote new one man bands. Whats to stop anyone just putting high spec pc together get it rated and then disappear the next day, seems weird and doesn't fill me with much confidence not only about this company but credibility of pc advisors reviews !!!! Hope to be corrected....

  Braebo Computers 10:32 11 Jan 2012


I hope I can put your mind at ease, my name is Lee and I work for Braebo Computers.

I'm pleased to hear you like the Braebo Ares PC, when we were designing the PC we wanted to build a PC which could be used in different areas and still have the ability to be easily upgraded into a gaming PC aswell so it could make an excellent "Starter PC". Ofcourse, we always try to make our PCs as cost effective as possible so it is music to our ears that you think so too.

Our company has been around for the past 10 years or so, however, we have mainly been supplying to business as well as repairing PCs and offering support contracts.

Early last year we had a change of management and with this the powers the be decided we would branch out and offer PCs to the public, we wanted a brand like name so we coined "Braebo" and as such registered the domain name.

Since selling directly to the public we have had great success and have won a number of awards in other publications in the UK as well as now being featured in the PC Advisor Group Tests (which is an excellent place for us to see how we compare against other Computer Sellers.

The Google maps view is a little misleading as in the picture it shows houses ( If you click on that link you can see a private road next to the end of terrace house which takes you to our units. The units are behind the houses you see on Google Maps. Unfortunately, the Google Van when taking these pictures was 1 second to fast, otherwise you would see our warehouse and unit clearly.

We are not registered in Companies House as we are not a limited company, this may change in the future, however, that is managements decision, but we will update all customers via our website to keep them updated if that ever occurs.

When building every PC we follow the same strict order building process which can be found on our website here:

We are not a very well known company (at the moment), however, we are appearing more and more in UK magazines and websites and receiving more referrals from our customers everyday.

If customers would rather pick their PC up from our unit, this is no problem at all, please let us know if you would like this.

Please let me know if there are any other questions I can assist you with or if you would rather contact me via phone please visit our website at and ask for Lee.

Thank you for your time.


  birdface 17:38 11 Jan 2012

Spam if you ask me.Spam by name and spam by nature.

1st time poster and so happens someone from Braebro happens to be about.

If I am wrong it will not be the first time.

  Woolwell 18:42 11 Jan 2012

A search for qwelt group makes me suspicious.

  JonnySpam 20:48 12 Jan 2012

Buteman, just to refute your comment, I am genuine so you're wrong. I'm certainly not a plant for Braebo. If braebo guy comments good on him but why is this stuff not on their website, even foto of their units etc etc, you missed a trick there braebo, contact me if you want marketing advise as that is my day job but my comment was more about pc advisor promoting small unknown companies. Have since purchased elsewhere and yea yea I'll get slagged for buying a Dell but too good an offer to refuse. Thaks for the contributions guys.

(This post edited by the Forum Editor to remove unacceptable comment.)

  birdface 21:01 12 Jan 2012


I would not buy any of PCA's recommendations for computers without first checking Customer reviews for the company's involved.

  Forum Editor 19:00 13 Jan 2012

"my comment was more about pc advisor promoting small unknown companies."

Let's get our facts right.

We don't promote companies of any size. We accept advertising, which is an entirely different thing. It implies no endorsement - either of a company or of its products.

All companies are small and unknown to begin with.

  JonnySpam 12:54 16 Jan 2012

Dear Forum Editor - Red flag to a bull your last comment....

How on earth can you claim that you are not promoting a company of any size and yes I totally accept that advertising is different. You as a company are directly promoting this company by giving it a top ranking in best buy, sorry it was second.... How can you then state that it implies no endorsement - either of a company or of its products when you are saying it is a good product to buy. What else is the point of doing these reviews.

Man oh man, did you have a bad day when you made the post above because it is ignorant in the extreme. Let me guess, my comment will now get removed because it offends and point out the obvious that it is you as forum editor who did not get their facts straight !! It is PC advisor who promoted this company and product by giving it high billing unless you are now going to say that this high billing in the review list is because of advertising???

  JonnySpam 12:58 16 Jan 2012

Just to add, my issue is NOT with the Braebo Ares or the company Braebo since I don't know them from Adam. It is however with PC advisor forum editor and now I suspect the way in which they conduct their product review which he as forum editor seems to suggest is based on advertising !!!!!

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