A question on backup software

  hiwatt 13:24 11 Aug 2008

Hi folks,I need to get a program like true image to back up my OS incase of emergency but what I'd like to know is without using an external hardrive can you create a disc with a back up of your hardrive that you can boot from your cd/dvd RW TO restore your backup from?Thanks.

  johndrew 13:45 11 Aug 2008

With Acronis True Image you create an Emergency Boot Disk which you can use to boot your PC and reinstall your software from a CD/DVD or HDD. However, most people would find it quite time consuming to use CD/DVD-RWs as you will need a few and they are not as reliable as a HDD.

If you purchase ATI `in a box` the disk provided will act as the source for everything you will need - you can install the software and it can be booted from in an emergency. If you download ATI you will need to burn your own Emergency Boot Disk using the installed ATI software - this should be a priority job. I should add that you can burn as many Emergency Boot Disks as you want from either source of the software.

If you simply want a boot disk to let you get into your PC in an emergency you could look at the Ultimate Boot CD click here

  hiwatt 14:11 11 Aug 2008

Thanks.My computer bought nearly 4 years ago came with windows xp pre-installed and with no disc or back up partion.Nearly 2 years ago after a crash my computer wouldn't start,I tried everything and in the end had to pay £45 for a shop to do an xp repair install.So I'm looking for something so that if this happened again I could fix it myself.I've not got an external drive so a disc that I could boot from to recover my computer if it fails is what I'm looking for.Will that link do that?

  gardener 14:30 11 Aug 2008

Ultimate Boot CD has a load of tools that may help you sort out disk problems but it won't sort out Windows. Acronis True Image is what you want.

  crosstrainer 15:22 11 Aug 2008

Acronis True image 11 and an external hdd.

Simply no contest. It will backup everything, and to restore you simply choose the point you wnat (I make a backup of 3 PC's and a lappy once a week)

Then let it go. It takes about 3.5 hours to restore my high spec. machine with 2x500GB hdd's lot's of games doc's and software.

When it's finished (you don't have to babysit it, feed it cd's or anything like the grief you would have with a start from scratch install) It just re-boots your system and it's as it was before the problem.

  johndrew 16:01 11 Aug 2008

You can only boot from Ultimate Boot CD which would allow you access to your drive - it will not permit a backup. You may not be able to boot from an external drive either.

I presume you have an internal drive that will allow booting from an ATI Emergency Boot Disk or Windows CD. In the absence of such a drive you will have problems.

In the event you have an internal CD/DVD drive, for backup you definitely need ATI or similar and, as I said before, preferably with an external HDD as CD/DVDs are quite slow and not as reliable.

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