A question about Tiscali

  ened 07:11 02 Feb 2006

This is directed to any Tiscali users out there.

Sorry to have to ask this but I can find no mention on their website:

I am thinking of transferring to Tiscali BB from Freeserve (been with them since 1997).

Do they provide any webspace for your own page?

Do they provide a mail address?

If I transfer is there likely to be any downtime?

  ened 07:13 02 Feb 2006

is there likely to be any significant downtime during transfer.

  ened 10:35 02 Feb 2006

That's what I was looking for.

They didn't used to provide a mail a/c when i used them for dial-up.

But following your link I have discovered they now do.

Thanks again.

  Stuartli 12:49 02 Feb 2006

Tiscal and WorldOnline before it, plus LineOne etc has always provided e-mail accounts whether orginal dialup or BB accounts.

In fact my WorldOnline e-mail address is still my key mail address several years after the Tiscali takeover...:-)

  ened 17:13 02 Feb 2006

It was some years ago but I seem to remember with LineOne that the mail was web based (like Hotmail) and I couldn't use Outlook Express. That was some time ago and I understand a bit more now.

I know I have signed this one off but I would still be pleased to hear from anyone who could explain the transition period. ie is there likely to be any downtime and do not Freeserve have to give me a number or something?

  ened 17:19 02 Feb 2006

I have just read the other thread which David4637 pointed out.

The general theme, there and elsewhere, on Tiscali is that the actual service is excellent.

If the customer service is poor all I can say is it can't be any worse than that of Freeserve.

I would like to switch asap but would like to know how to go about it to ensure minimal disruption.

  Stuartli 17:31 02 Feb 2006

You need to ask Freeview to issue you with a MAC code. This will allow you to transfer to Tiscali.

LineOne was taken over by either WOL or Tiscali (which in turn took over WOL), along with one or two other smaller ISPs including Screaming.net in the late 1990s.

WorldOnline was always a "proper" e-mail account with up to five addresses available.

Tiscali also serves Gateway, Tinyonline and Tinyworld dialup subscribers as well as providing the internet service and/or phone services for, among others, virtual ISP Toucan.

It might be of interest to know that when I joined WOL in 1998 I paid £14.99 monthly for 24/7 internet dialup, cheap phone calls and (believe it or not) the charge also covered NT's then line rental of £9.27 a month...:-)

I'm sure I've still got some of the correspondence, particularly that relating to Tiscali's rapid grasp of the fact that such offers were economically unviable at the time and cutting them back.

  Stuartli 17:32 02 Feb 2006

..should read "BT's then line rental..."

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