A question about Thunderbird email

  bumpkin 22:05 24 Jun 2017

I use Thunderbird for my Email but am getting loads of spam. There is a facility in settings to filter this which should stop it appearing in the first place rather than just marking it as junk but to do it one at a time is a tedious process. Is there a way of blocking everything in my junk folder in one go so that it does not appear on the screen but just gets deleted.

  difarn 00:58 25 Jun 2017

When you say appear on the screen do you mean that the junk messages are being shown in your inbox or they are being put straight into the junk folder which you want to empty in one go? If the latter have you tried right-clicking on the junk folder which gives you the option of emptying everything in that folder?

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  bumpkin 12:55 25 Jun 2017

The messages show in my inbox and those prviously marked show with a junk icon. New ones I have to mark as junk and then I can sent all of them to the junk folder in one go. That is OK but if further messages already marked before are sent again they still go to my inbox and I have to send them to junk manually. What I am trying to achieve is once marked they go straight to the junk if sent again.

  difarn 16:44 25 Jun 2017

When you go into Thunderbird and click on your e-mail account in the left-hand column, then into Account Settings, have you tried going into Junk Settings, then Global Junk Preferences and changing the settings?

  bumpkin 17:17 25 Jun 2017

Thanks, I have now set them to send junk to junk folder, will see what happens.

  difarn 18:34 25 Jun 2017

Fingers crossed.

  bumpkin 21:04 25 Jun 2017

Nice try but it still appears in my inbox. It shows as junk so I must have marked it in the past but it just won't go straight to the junk folder, I have to go to tools and select "Delete mail marked as junk" which is then sent to the folder.

  bumpkin 22:59 26 Jun 2017

difarn, not quite sure what is going on but far less spam today and loads of it showing in my deleted folder dated and timed during the night. Still some in the inbox marked as spam plus some new ones that I have to mark and then delete if that makes any sense, difficult to explain.

  difarn 23:21 26 Jun 2017

When you go into your e-mail account and click on Junk Settings, under Destination and Retention is the "move new junk messages to "Junk" folder ticked?

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