A Question about Servers

  suburban train 17:40 08 Mar 2007

Hi All

I am thinking about buying a server, a low cost one nothing to special so I can learn how to use Windows server 2003, possibly linux and red hat.

Do servers work in the same way as PC so I can dual boot ? So I can run windows server 2003 and linux at the same time or will I need a powerful home PC?


(Anyone know any good places where I can get a server from?)

  sean-278262 19:36 08 Mar 2007

"(Anyone know any good places where I can get a server from?)"

Why not use an old computer (it will save money) and convert it into one. I am not 100% sure if you can dual boot but as far as I am aware you can, cannot see a good reason why not.

Using an older computer will allow you to trial things at a lower cost. Why fork out several hundred when the learning curve can cost under 100, that way if it goes belly up it doesnt cost a fortune to replace.

Also remember that the likes of google apparantly uses 533 MHz Intel Celeron to dual 1.4 GHz Intel Pentium III tied with an 80gb drive, which if you look on the likes of click here can probably be picked up with ease for the cost of petrol and some time. If only the processor and basic hard ware. You can use any size drive you like or even a selection.

Worth looking into saving money to start. You can always then sell the machine later or send it back where it came.

  Iron Maiden 20:06 08 Mar 2007

Considering that a copy of server 2003 software will set you back anything from £250 to £400 depending on what version you buy. And if you want to set up a network, for each PC that uses the server resources you have to buy Cals, a pack of 5 will cost you another £250

I would definitely look into using a old pc. A server machine doesn't have to be powerful but it must be reliable, good make of power supply, drives etc.

Unless you seriously want to learn how to implement Active directory & fully set up domain trust's & user groups on a fully functional network of computers using D.H.C.P. & the server acting as the Primary DNS. it might be cheaper to get a good book on the subject instead. or try linux server its free

  suburban train 21:11 08 Mar 2007

Thanks for your reponses, being a former student i was part of MSDNAA where I could download MS programs, ive manageed to download windows 2003 server, project , windows xp .

Setting up active directory is what i want to do leanrn .

WHat so you mean by buying Cals ?

It would make sence to probably buy an odler machine but could I still link my wireless router for example through to the acting server and run my pc and laptop through the computer / server?

Possibly I could still dual boot with linux?

  silverous 22:24 10 Mar 2007

The other option to consider if your own PC is powerful enough is to use some kind of Virtual Mahcine software. You create a virtual server on your machine and install the OS into it.

  Forum Editor 23:14 10 Mar 2007

click here it will help you with the server setup side of things.

As far as the machine itself goes, as you simply want to run a test environment you won't need a dedicated (and expensive) server, just use an ordinary PC. Anything with a reasonable specification will do.

You might also find this book a great help:
click here

  Iron Maiden 20:22 12 Mar 2007

Cals. Client access licences. As well as the server software for every pc or mac that connects to the server & uses its resources you have to have a Cal.
To put it simply within the server software there is a section where you set up who & what is allowed to connect to the server/Domain. In this section you add keys for each pack of cals you have. If you have more pc's than cals the network will still work, but you will get constant licensing errors. Not a problem if you are only using it to learn. But if you want to fully learn, you need to know the ins & out of licensing. Unfortunately a Cal is not something you can download

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