Question about Roboform password/master password

  exdragon 08:25 27 Jul 2014

Hi - mental block time: I have RF Everywhere on my Android tablet as well as the laptop etc. RF has just updated on the tablet and asks for the 'Password', rather than the 'Master Password' when logging in.

Did it always do this? I really can't remember and would hate to think I've been hacked and am about to hand all my logins to someone!

  compumac 08:45 27 Jul 2014

RoboForm asks for the password relevant to the particular database as opposed to the master password. - Quite normal.

  exdragon 12:54 27 Jul 2014

Thanks, but I don't want to turn it off, I just couldn't remember if Android asks for Password, while on the laptop, it asks for Master Password.

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