question about RAM

  jabajaba14 13:25 26 Dec 2014

hey guys, I bought a computer and on a sheet where is typed the things that I bought in RAM it says: KVR16N11S8/4G Kingston ddr3 - 1600 4GB but when I check in Speccy RAM says: Type DDR3 Size 4096 MBytes Channels # Single DRAM Frequency 799,9 MHz

so my question is why Speccy says 799,9MHz when on that sheet was 1600?

  LastChip 14:14 26 Dec 2014

Because Speccy is showing the real clock speed, whereas, the RAM works twice on each cycle.

  jabajaba14 15:51 26 Dec 2014

so if it's 1333 it will be divided in 2 in Speccy?

  spuds 16:10 26 Dec 2014

This should be the actual specifications (pdf) from Kingston click here

  LastChip 16:22 26 Dec 2014

Correct jabajaba14 - 800 has a real clock speed of 400 and so on.

  Ian in Northampton 17:30 26 Dec 2014

Surely this is what DDR - Double Data Rate - is all about? Two memory operations per clock cycle?

  jabajaba14 19:25 26 Dec 2014

okay, thanks :) I feared that they may lied to me :D

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