A question about Peltier coolers

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Hi all

In the October issue of PC Extreme. There is an article about peltiers and a quick installation guide etc. It talks about having to "encase" the cpu from the outside elements so condensation can not form etc. This is due to ambient air temps' being higher than the peltier surface touching the cpu die. So it is sealed with silicon sealent and foam kits from Dangerden.

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I am now a bit unsure because at this site

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It talks about installing it and so on but has no mention about having to encase the peltier unit and cpu like in the article in the magazine. Is this because it is a low wattage peltier so it will not go to very low temperaturess or is it something else.

I am not thinking of doing this mod yet, am just interested in information about it while i research it.


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everything you could possibly want to know about "extreme" cooling is available on these forums.

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Peltier coolers get very hot and you have to remove this heat somehow (fan maybe - then you might as well have used the fan in the first place and cut out the middleman).

I remember using peltier coolers with and without heat pipes in research in the 1960's and 70's. They work, yes, but do you really need all this complexity and cost when you can achieve the same thing by simpler means.

Note also that CPUs are not very efficient if they are too cold.

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