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I have my hardrive split in two (C and E). Is there anyway I can do it so that any downloads I do or programs I setup will go to 'E' by default rather than 'C'?


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Re downloads, I think that if you do a download and select a particular folder on one drive then the next time you download it should assume the same drive location.

I don't know about installing programs - I think they always tend to assume C:

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All you could do is change the drive C to E and E to C!

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No he couldn't - you can't change the system volume drive letter.

You can change the default install location for programs in the Registry, but as most programs also install bits to C, is there much point?

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With downloads select save, and choose the E drive. Similarly, with new programs it should ask for the destination. Some bits of programs have to go on C as that is where the OS is.

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As has been stated, a download will default to the last folder used, so once you direct your downloads to said folder, game set & match.

You can create a folder on your other partition and direct your setups to its path.
The only problem with this is that some programs, like to be installed with the O's, i.e. A/v, office etc, and may insist on installing to the "C" drive.

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