A question about Gmail..

  Ikelos 15:55 18 Sep 2008

Hi, when an email is sent via Gmail and I check my "sent" folder i know it has been read because it has "inbox" on it, I assume that is when it is in the "inbox" of who I have sent it to,(still with me?) the question is, can the email be read with out in saying "inbox" on my PC.


  Clapton is God 16:05 18 Sep 2008

Where does it say Inbox?

I'm looking at my Gmail account now and I can't see what you mean.

And even if it has arrived in the inbox of the recipient it doesn't mean that it's been read. It could still be sitting there unread

  Ikelos 16:38 18 Sep 2008

hi, if i send them with "no subject" and they are not opened, it has "no subject" after the name of who I sent it to, but when it has been read it has " inbox (no subject" and then the first few words.
I wondered if it could be read with out clicking on it.


  Ikelos 16:40 18 Sep 2008

I forgot, the email is sent to a gmail account.

  DippyGirl 17:02 18 Sep 2008

If I send something from Gmail to another a/c Gmail or something else I dont see Inbox in the subject when looking at my Sent folder
But if I have a reply from someone sat in my Inbox that shows as Inbox from the sent folder

  Ikelos 17:28 18 Sep 2008

Hi, right, can anyone read an email sent to another Gmail account, without clicking on the message, so that it stills looks like it has not been read.


  bobbybowls 19:15 18 Sep 2008

you can read it then click on mark as unread, and it will look like it has not been read.

  ronalddonald 20:04 18 Sep 2008

inbox i dont see it on gmail

  Ikelos 20:48 18 Sep 2008

Thanks, I guess that is what is happening.

Thank you all for the replies..

  jolorna 23:12 18 Sep 2008

the only ones i see in the sent box which has inbox showing is where the person has used reply who you sent to

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