Question about defragmenting

  danny0001uk 12:11 23 Mar 2003

Hi i would like to know about disk defrag. how often should you do it and do you notice an improvement when you use it.



  MAJ 12:17 23 Mar 2003

It's a common question, danny0001uk. Try doing a search of the forum for many opinions. Here's one to start you off. click here

  Forum Editor 12:31 23 Mar 2003

about once a month on average, but the frequency will depend on how much the drive has been used. Drive contents become fragmented when you continually open and close applications and install (and uninstall) software.

In it's haste to fetch and carry, Windows doesn't always put everything back where it belongs, so program components end up being scattered all over the drive. Windows keeps a record of where each bit is (The File Allocation Table), so it knows where to go next time you click on a file or application icon, but over a period this becomes more and more complex.

The result is that Windows has to dash about all over the drive to put the parts together on your screen and make them work, and this gradually degrades performance.

Defragmenting the drive puts all the bits back where they belong, and off you go again. It will freshen up the Way that Windows performs, but don't expect too much by way of performance increase.

  User-312386 12:45 23 Mar 2003

good response


  froggg 13:29 23 Mar 2003

diskkeeper is a very good defragger-very quick(not the first use)no need to shut programmes off,can be set to defrag in the background when required

  Djohn 14:39 23 Mar 2003

In addition to the good advice above, it is also a good idea, that once you have opened a program to use and you think you may need to use it several more times that day, then rather than close and open several times, just minimise to the task bar.

This will help to keep the program/application/file in one piece, rather than scatter it all over your drive. this assumes that you have enough memory to do this. J.

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