professor 19:50 03 Apr 2003

As a few of u know im getting a Radeon9700 pro to replace my R9000 its going to my mate as his G.card is crap but he wanted me to ask is there any chance if he downloaded the R9700 drivers would it correct an issue with "scruffy" text in some games?

he knows of this due to when hes played Ut2k on my pc i know that some card manufacturers leave *small* bugs in drivers to get u to get the more expensive version where the drivers will be corrected for such as the above question.

so does anyone know if it'll work by downloading the R9700 drivers?


  DieSse 20:05 03 Apr 2003

A quick look at the ATI site shows the drivers to be the same software (for Win98, anyway). Have a look yourself to satisfy yourself.

"i know that some card manufacturers leave *small* bugs in drivers to get u to get the more expensive version"

How do you "know" that??

  ams4127 20:13 03 Apr 2003

Bloke in a pub!

  graham 20:36 03 Apr 2003

You being a regular poster, you should appreciate that accurate thread descriptions are essential!

'Question!!', I mean, really!

  professor 22:13 03 Apr 2003

accurate? wots that? besides get ur attention doesnt it? lol

diesse i know that small *bugs* are sometimes left in because ive nosed around drivers in the past and have found small *bugs* which are obvious but have just gone unfixed(the drivers ive looked at were last ever releases)


  professor 22:18 03 Apr 2003

just forgot to say that im not a regular poster really past week or so yeah but before that last time i was here was about agust last year with a prob of my own! i normally just stroll on in give some ppl the anwsers they want then bugger off again kinda like batman


  Forum Editor 23:12 03 Apr 2003

perhaps you'll take the good advice you've been offered by graham and try to come up with a sensible title for your thread.

What you have failed to understand is that later on other people may want to search for a thread that answers their (same) problem. They'll never be able to find yours however, because it has the meaningless title "Question!!".

The forum is all about helping other people, not just selfishly getting your own problem solved and then ********* off again "kinda like batman".

Now do you see the point? 01:19 04 Apr 2003

and, professor, you didn't get that much attention really, did you? Must be the 3gig RAM affecting the attitude!

  powerless 07:36 04 Apr 2003

Are you swearing "*********"?

  watchful 08:00 04 Apr 2003

No, he's exemplifying!

  professor 22:44 04 Apr 2003

well as u lot r so passionate about thread titles(god knows why its just a title) then i spose i'll think about it anyway u lot need to lighten up god everyone was like u i think id shoot myself learn to have fun loosen up its not hard youknow


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