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  julius44 13:51 18 Nov 2010

Hello and good afternoon, to u all. This is scenario that happened to me today for the first time, and I just want peoples opinions about this. Okay I have had by windows XP desktop since Jan 06..so coming up to nearly 6 years now, most times if i have problems i come onto this forum and I get help from experienced people, and I also help others through the knowledge that ive gained on here, and many thanks to you all for this.

I have system mechanic installed on my desktop pc, as ive been using it for about 4 years now, as i get a 50% discount when i extend it, and i'm now covered till july 2012. I had a problem with a particular feature in it for the first time ever when i upgraded to System mechanic 10(when it was scanning for registry fragmentation problems, it would get to 10% and just freeze up), so i uninstalled it.
I decided to re-install it later, but problem persisted, then i got an email asking me to call the freefone number 0800-032-5912.

I rang the number this morning and got through to a technician, who told me that he'd need to remote access. He did this and went through various steps with me, and he uninstalled it and then re-installed it,.....so far so good.

Which brings me to my MAIN point...it was very strange for me seeing someone being able to access my desktop pc from the other side of the world...and HOW do i know that he cannot access my pc again??? I do realise that he disconnected the access once the issue was resolved....and ive deleted the log me in icon that was on my desktop,
How can i be sure that nothing was installed by the technician remotely?? for instance when i'm doing online banking, purchases, etc?? I do have Kaspersky 2011 and ive scanned my pc, i also have malware-bytes as well
Or am i just being a bit paranoid and over-reacting???
pls advice.

  Nontek 13:57 18 Nov 2010

Was the email giving you the freephone number expected by you, did you request it, or was it just 'out-of-the-blue'??

If the latter, then it was just a ploy I suspect to get your bank details - get in touch with your bank soonest and explain to them!

  Nontek 13:57 18 Nov 2010

You should not have given him remote access without checking his credentials first!

  Woolwell 14:09 18 Nov 2010

There is a nasty scam going at the moment with people trying to get access to gain bank details. I don't think that you are over-reacting if you did not ask for them to contact you.

  julius44 14:12 18 Nov 2010

I didn't and would NEVER give him my bank details. The number is genuine, as its advertised on their website

see below : bottom right hand corner.
click here

As i said before all he did was sort out the problem, he never asked me for ANY card or bank details and I would never give them to him anyway.....so on the basis of this what would u guys say then??

  961 14:14 18 Nov 2010

Remote access is used by many firms and company help sites to sort out your computer. For example, Dell technicians make regular use of such technology

It's right to say that many of us don't "like" this remote ability to "do things" to your computer but for many users it does avoid the need for the computer to go away to get sorted and for a large bill to arrive at the same time

Don't get your knickers in a twist just for the hell of it. For a start, you can bet any organisation that allows it's technicians to use this facility will be fairly on the ball when it comes to keeping tabs on what's happening

The only thing you need to check on is the outside chance that someone else has hacked into your problem and sent a scam e-mail

I've checked on the 0800 number you give and it looks to be without problems

click here

The other thing you can do is to contact system mechanic support and check what has happen with them direct

I'm not sure however, that system mechanic is a necessary "pay for" today if you have a good security suite and CCleaner

  julius44 14:27 18 Nov 2010

thanks 961.....u have put my mind at rest...i'll be keeping extra tabs on my desktop now anyway, but thanks again

  961 14:29 18 Nov 2010

re your 14.12

I fully accept you would not give these details over the phone. I don't think that is necessarily the problem. After all, you probably give these details many times a year when you buy stuff over the phone when your only protection really is that you've got through to the genuine company you are trying to order from and they have measures in place to prevent their employees using this information

Get through to someone else and, erm...oops

The difficulty with remote access is that you are allowing someone else into your computer and it's files. How safe that is depends on a number of things. I've used it to sort out my daughter's computer at another location. I've let Dell sort out a fault on one of mine. But as a general rule, I prefer to avoid it

So far as this episode is concerned, I'd regard it as a lesson learned and forget about it

Next time, unless it's absolutely essential, I'd avoid it

  julius44 14:42 18 Nov 2010

many thanks 961, i'll def go woth your advice, but this has also made me very curious....if I wanted to access my own pc from anywhere, or if a friend needed me to access their pc to sort out a problem for them how can I do this please???....i'm now interested in this now.

  Nontek 14:44 18 Nov 2010

I agree it all appears genuine, and probably is - but, even websites can be, and are, sometimes faked!

Though I also agree - Remote Access is a good way to get your PC sorted, I have sorted many of my friends PCs this way - and some years ago I allowed BT to remotely access my PC to fix a broadband connection problem (this was before I knew how to sort out my own problems) ....

  961 14:50 18 Nov 2010

click here=

This is how

My advice?


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