Query On Portable Hard Drive (software)

  Noisy_Boy 18:02 14 Oct 2012


Firstly forgive me but I'm not very technical minded and wasn't entirely sure which section to put this in. I recently bought a Samsung M3 1T Portable hard drive and have an enquiry I'm hoping someone here might be able to help me with.

When I plug in and install the Samsung portable hard drive manager software, it seems a quick launch icon is automatically installed which appears in the bottom right hand corner of my desktop a short while after start up.

The first issue is that a box appears every time I start up saying 'Samsung hard drive manager' which fades when I move my cursor but really is unwanted. But more importantly, when I shut down without exiting the programme I get an error message come up saying the software is still running in the background. This happens regardless to whether the hard drive is plugged in, so the software appears to run permanently in the background once installed.

The thing is I only intend to use the hard drive very occasionally and so don't really want to have the bother of an two extra clicks to exit the manager every time I shut down my computer. I would just uninstall the software but ideally I would like to utilise the 'secure zone' facility (which I assume can only be done with the software installed). I have tried deleting the drive manager from my 'start-up folder' but that didn't help, it still launched when I restarted. I can't find any options anywhere in the manager for this sort of thing, and don't appear to be given any options regarding auto-launching or anything during the software installation process either . So it just seems to be an all or nothing deal. Which is less than ideal under the circumstances. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:54 14 Oct 2012

Download CCleaner here

Install and Run it

click on Tools - startup

highlight the Samsung Manager and click Disable

This will leave the software on your PC but stop it from starting at boot up.

you could still use the program by clicking on its entry in programs on the Start menu

If you decide to use it at start later, just click on enable

  Noisy_Boy 19:51 15 Oct 2012

That's fantastic, that solves the problem right there. The CCleaner is a nice little programme although you'd think Samsung should give you some sort of easy 'disable at boot up' option on their software rather than needing additional.

As it goes it had already installed a desktop icon anyway which was all I really wanted so I don't need to go into start menu to use it. After I had disabled, I plugged the drive in and opened the software half expecting it to re-enable itself at boot up thereafter but was glad to find that wasn't the case.

So sorted. Thank you, advice much appreciated.

  woodchip 21:31 15 Oct 2012

Do not delete the software from the External Hard Drive as it may not work after. It may be a Dynamic Drive overlay that as been used on it

  Noisy_Boy 11:46 17 Oct 2012

Ok, thanks for the tip, (I tend to err on the side of caution when it comes to deleting stuff anyway) but I'll be careful not to delete that software. Cheers.

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