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Query over home plug connection,

  lebjerag 20:42 28 Sep 2014

I want to setup a connection using home plugs, installation says,

connect Ethernet cable to the router then to the home plug and plug it into the wall socket,i understand that,can I use the built in power socket on the home plug for the router plug?,

I cant find any information online as to whether It is ok,i am a complete novice,and, would appreciate any help,thanks.

  amonra 21:03 28 Sep 2014

It would be advisable to keep the router plugged in to it's own outlet, not "shared" with anything else. If you haven't enough sockets, then try using an extension socket, the type with 4, 6, or more outlets, and plug your different items into it's own socket. This will ensure that if you unplug any item, eg. your printer or sound system, then you won't disturb anything else. The maximum load from most computer related hardware will be well within the 13 amp limit of most extension leads. So, to summarise, plug your router into No, 1, the Home plug into No. 2 and so on. Good luck.

  wee eddie 21:16 28 Sep 2014

I would not like to disagree with the post above.

However, if your Homeplug is of the pass-through variety, this is specifically designed so that you can plug the Homeplug and Router into the same socket.

I have had such a setup, since transferring to BT Infinity, with a promised speed of between 36-39 Mbps and occasionally get speeds close to 40 Mbps

  wee eddie 21:18 28 Sep 2014

It is strongly advised not to plug a Homeplug into an Extension Socket

  lotvic 22:23 28 Sep 2014

"can I use the built in power socket on the home plug for the router plug?"

Yes, that is how mine is set up and working ok.

I am using Homeplug with Router plugged into the Homeplug's pass through socket.

Also as per wee eddie says: it is strongly advised not to plug a Homeplug into an Extension Socket. They can work that way but not ideal - it's a case of try it an see.

  lebjerag 20:17 29 Sep 2014

amonra,wee eddie lotvic,

Thanks very much for your assistance,i appreciate it,

I have just managed to get online, sorry for the delay,

I have got the homeplugs on order,so I will have a go when they arrive,

thanks again for your help, I will post back with the results.

  lebjerag 20:28 07 Oct 2014

Took delivery of the home plugs yesterday, two in total complete with Ethernet cables,

followed advice from here and setup the plugs,it was very easy indeed, it is recommended to first put them together in a multi socket board to sync them,turned it on and pressed the two buttons on the units for one second each, in turn, to provide a secure setup,connected router to first socket and (upstairs)then went downstairs to connect laptop to second,

I then turned on laptop,and disabled wifi,I can really say that there is a big difference in performance and I am really pleased,i had never heard of homeplugs until early last week,and I am well impressed.thanks for advice.

  lotvic 00:24 08 Oct 2014

Glad you're sorted :)

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