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  theoldandgrey 10:00 12 Jan 2010

I have Windows 7 and have just uninstalled both AVG Free and Zone Alarm Free and replaced with Avira anti virus and PC Tools Firewall Plus. since doing so I get a popup on booting up C:\....\Temp\cpes_clean_launcher.exe Is this legitimate or do I need to get rid of it somehow

Thanks for help

  T I M B O 14:00 12 Jan 2010

As you may know, only 1 av is required, but as you removed the old AV's, did you then use the removal tools to clean up after?

If not go here >>> click here

  bremner 14:04 12 Jan 2010

A Google shows that this may be related to a trojan.

Have you fully scanned the computer since installing Avira?

  T I M B O 14:11 12 Jan 2010

Another good software to help keep your pc clean is Malwarebytes & Superantispyware.

click here(Software)(Version-1.44)/mbam-setup-1.44.exe

click here(Version%204.32.1000)/SUPERAntiSpyware-Version-4.32.1000.exe

Altho there is an option for malwarebytes for a full scan, malwarebytes staff say its not required.

Also using Avira, i don't think that scans emails? so if you use outlook or outlook express & windows mail, you might be better of with Avast

click here

  badhair1963 14:12 12 Jan 2010

Some information here about it: click here

  T I M B O 14:14 12 Jan 2010

grrrrrrrr @ links

click here

click here

  theoldandgrey 15:20 12 Jan 2010

Thank you everyone - no I hadn't done the AVG check but have now done so. I had done a Malwarebytes scan which showed no infection nor does an anti-virus check. I think my computer is probably clean but this does not get rid of the popup - any more suggestions very welcome

  bremner 15:53 12 Jan 2010

Does the pop up say that it can not find C:\....\Temp\cpes_clean_launcher.exe?

Are you familiar with editing the registry?

  theoldandgrey 16:03 12 Jan 2010

No it is just accept or close and I have been closing. regarding the registry, I have done it under guidance in the past but would not take the initiative. I have spent a bomb just getting my pc sorted as there was a major problem which the technician could not locate so we had to go through and test everything and in the end it was the new motherboard, fortunately that was replaced under warranty. So I do not want to have to go back to him because I have messed it all up as you can imagine.

  bremner 16:49 12 Jan 2010

Can you please post exactly what the pop up says.

  theoldandgrey 17:20 12 Jan 2010

It is a Dos style window just a header nothing on the black part C:\Users|Vivian\AppData\Local\Temp\cpes_clean_launcher.exe Then the next popup which is User account Control Program Name Check Point Internet security
Verified Publisher Check Point Software Technologies Ltd
File Origin Hard drive on this Computer

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