Query-Frame rates in games?

  dagwoood 19:15 23 Aug 2004

I've noticed that gamers will often quote the frame rates they are getting when playing games.

How do you know the frame rates? Is there the option in certain games to display frame rates, or is there a piece of s/w available that can do this?

I'm playing Return to Castle Wolfenstein and wandered what the frame rate was(just curious to find out, the game itself runs smoothly).

Cheers, dagwoood.

  pc moron 20:05 23 Aug 2004
  The Ghost of Inept Pig 20:15 23 Aug 2004

If you're playing other games that don't have the option that RTCW does (pc morons link) - Fraps (click here) is a free download (with the option to purchase), that gives you the option to display your current frame rate on screen, it also allows you to take screenshots and record in-game action... It's rather good...

Must admit that I'm a long time gamer and have never really bothered with frame rates, as long as the game runs smoothly - I'm happy.

  dagwoood 20:23 23 Aug 2004

Pc moron, thanks for link.

The Ghost of Inept Pig, thank you for the link. I'll download it and give it try. As I said, it plays smoothly, I'm just curious as to what frame rates it's running at.

Thanks again, dagwoood.

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