Query with Flash 'images' on webpages

  Mike2002 21:33 09 Jun 2010

I was looking at a fashion shopping site that had images that you clicked on to enlarge them.
The new image (still in its original size) would open in a new page. You then click on 'View larger and zoom'. A new window/screen opens, whereupon you can then scroll the mouse up/down/left/right on the image to enlarge it.

However, the images could not be Saved as they were in Adobe Flash player format. You can't use the Print screen key because the images were partly off the screen.

Can such pictures be saved at all?

  northumbria61 22:46 09 Jun 2010

I am using Windows 7 -

When you hover your mouse over the image and get a larger image (or be it part of a larger image) right click your mouse on the original image and you should get 3 choices - print,settings,about adobe flash player 10 - release the right mouse key and go to PAGE on your toolbar (I.E) and select SAVE AS - or alternatively press the PRINT key next to the PAGE key to print. You may have to play around a bit with the settings to achieve exactly what you want - but it does work. From the SAVE AS you could also choose to "Send page by e-mail"

  Mike2002 17:11 10 Jun 2010

I normally use Firefox, and only use I.E. for anything that doesn't display. However, I loaded a page in I.E. but still could get your method to work. The enlarged image appears as a separate Flash pop-up, and I've even searched through my Temp Int files without success.

Anyway, here's a page from the site - see if you can do anything with it!

click here

  woodchip 17:14 10 Jun 2010

Have you tried clicking the Image then try see if it will scroll zoom

  Mike2002 19:24 10 Jun 2010

I can zoom the image by scrolling, but cannot find a way of Saving it in its magnified form.

  woodchip 23:17 10 Jun 2010

after zoom press print screen button, then paste into a photo edit program to save

  northumbria61 08:01 11 Jun 2010

Using "woodchip's) method (and I am using Windows 7 64 bit) I can press print screen button then paste into MS Word and print off from there (if all you want to do is print)

If you want to further edit it you would have to paste into photo edit program as suggested by woodchip.

  Mike2002 18:36 11 Jun 2010

When I press the Print Screen key, I get what's on the screen. But, as the image continues outside the screen area, all I get is a small part of the image.

click here

  woodchip 19:13 11 Jun 2010

so, scroll it so you can see it all first

  Mike2002 20:15 11 Jun 2010

Quote: "scroll it so you can see it all first."

I did just that, but it only lets you view a enlarged portion of the image.

  northumbria61 21:52 11 Jun 2010

So what you are trying to achieve is to zoom into the original image and expect to get a FULL larger image - or do I misundersand you ?

I think the idea of the zoom is to highlight/enlarge a part of the image to show greater detail of the item.

So the way I see it is that you can only SAVE or PRINT what is on the screen as you have discovered (as shown in your link above)

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