query on computer over heat

  chelle35 08:22 05 Oct 2006

i have a amd athlon 2500 on a msi motherboard running windows xp i have had this problem with overheating ever since it was built it does not like playing games or surfing gets to 55-60 degres then freezes a friend asked me to look what power supply i had in it which was 350 watts i have just put a 500 watt in to see if that was the problem but did same i have four extra fans in it and another suggestion was to disconnect fans that i did not need to see if they were causing it to get hotter did so but froze then at 50 had it running in safe mode for hours now has been said it could be a program thats is conflicting so how would i find out and search for which ones cause i have loads any info would be appreciated

  anky64 08:30 05 Oct 2006

I had similar problems which resulted in my purchase of new power supply and fans but after pulling everything out it turned out that it was the graphics card which was at fault. Try it first, good luck

  961 08:37 05 Oct 2006

Most athlons run at the sort of temp you describe and can in fact run much hotter without difficulty so the difficulty is probably elsewhere

As anky64 says there may be a problem with the cooling of the graphics card. Does it have a fan and is that working correctly?

  chelle35 10:21 05 Oct 2006

no there is no fan on the graphics card did think of that but did not think that would cause will have to get another one can someone recommend one that would work in the comp that i have i am on a limited budget so if you could let me no the make and what i would need would be appreciated thanks

  Belatucadrus 10:45 05 Oct 2006

click here A choice of fans to suit any budget here. I like the Vantec Iceberq range, not expensive and a handy improvement on most passive coolers.

  chelle35 11:02 05 Oct 2006

you can i think buy graphics cards with a fan already on. The graphic card i have had is about 2 maybe three years old maybe time to upgrade that if anybody can point me in the right direction that will be compatable with my computer and on a low budget i have a nvidia geforce fx5200

  961 11:46 05 Oct 2006

Quite honestly I would try to establish what is causing this before splashing out on a new graphics card

It really should not be necessary to have all these fans. These systems work fine with one rear case fan extracting, one cpu fan and one fan in the psu. Try that and see what happens. Some systems have an extra fan sucking air in at the front of the case. That should be absolute max needed.

How hot is your hard disk. Is it getting a fair flow of air. Have you 2 hard disks bunged up against each other? Try removing one

Try removing software down to the minimum and see if you have a conflict somewhere. Look for trouble with hardware and software in the windows help system (start>programmes>accessories>system tools>system info)

Is the system dust free? Is the case standing on a carpet or in a corner.

Don't spend loadsa dosh yet

  chelle35 12:46 05 Oct 2006

the hard drives are both 20 something degrees no there is no dust have had this problem even with minamal software on no on computer desk not carpet i have tryed everything i can think of and have dealt with everything apart from motherboard and processor and graphics everything else has been taken out and put back in to make sure no dust

  961 15:57 05 Oct 2006

Hard drive temp fine

If it runs ok in safe mode it must be a programme or driver thats messing it up

If you type "system freeze" into google you'll get the list. Check web sites to install new drivers to correct any corrupted.Try existing graphics card with minimal drivers or see if you can borrow old card from a friend

Don't splash dosh yet

  Totally-braindead 15:59 05 Oct 2006

I assume the temps you list are for the processor. If so then its normal and overheating is not the problem. I would also try running it in safe mode for a while and see what happens.

  Stuartli 16:01 05 Oct 2006

>>you can i think buy graphics cards with a fan already on. >>

Yes, of course you can. But it's fitted for a reason i.e. to disperse the heat better.

Less powerful graphics cards don't necessarily need a fan as the normal case cooling is sufficient.

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