query about rogue diallers

  polymath 20:44 12 Apr 2004

I'm on a dialup connection. Since updating to Internet Explorer 6, the dialup box displays my ISP's number, as soon as it starts dialling.

If a premium-rate dialler got into the system, would I see a different number in the dialup box, or do those diallers have a way round it?

I'm very careful about what I click on (& emails etc), but just thought I'd check!

  johnnyrocker 20:48 12 Apr 2004

you might not see it especiall if on line and it takes over the connection


  Patr100 20:52 12 Apr 2004

I don't think they would announce themslves like that. In fact I have heard that some can disable your modem speaker so they don't give any hint they are dialing out.

  Forum Editor 20:52 12 Apr 2004

and that's the point. These dialers use the modem to dial a different number - and you don't know anything about it until you get a whacking great phone bill.

You can ask BT to bar premium rate number calling on your line if you're worried.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:01 12 Apr 2004

click here and hit download, the instructions are in English. It will notify you if your dial up number changes.


  end 00:11 13 Apr 2004

(I"ve just had a nose at that out of pure interest, and it aint in English.......)...

  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:32 13 Apr 2004

Hit the download button and the programme is in English...as my previous thread implied. Curiously the word for 'download' on the German page is.....'download'. ;-)))


  Quiller. 07:54 13 Apr 2004

It really is a very good programme. As GANDALF <|:-)> says, after you have downloaded it, it's all in English.

I have been using it since I got clobbered by a premium rate dialler.

Very neat little programme - just downloaded it - eases the mind a little bit.

Many thanks

  the-emsworth-kid 16:46 13 Apr 2004

Downloaded it but can't seem to find any instructions on how to use it - probably being dense but can you help please?

  ventanas 16:50 13 Apr 2004

Just install it, then connect to the internet. DC will pop up with the number being dialled and ask if you wish to allow it. If it is your IS ( and it should be) tick the box to always permit this number and you won't have any more interruptions. If your modem tries to dial any other number it will pop up again with the warning.

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