Query about my external hard drive

  ponytail 11:15 31 Aug 2018

I have three small excel folders which are for our bank accounts and are located in documents with a desktop shortcut.I have Seagate external drive and on checking I saw that those three folders were located on it.I do not understand how they can be on there as most of the time it is not connected to the laptop.I have just updated one of the folders then plugged the Seagate drive in and folder was now up to date even though when I did the update the drive was not connected to the laptop.Can someone explain.

  Pine Man 11:30 31 Aug 2018

Have you installed any software that came with the Seagate drive? If you have, either by accident or design, you may well have, inadvertantly, set up the drive to automatically back up files to it when connected.

  ponytail 13:39 31 Aug 2018

It never came with any software as far as I know if what you suggested happened could I not just uninstall it

  Pine Man 13:57 31 Aug 2018

if what you suggested happened could I not just uninstall it

As long as you don't have any back up software installed, which is backing up the excel files, check your internal drive for Seagate software and remove it.

Definitely. Check your internal drive for Seagate software

  ponytail 08:07 01 Sep 2018

Thanks Pine Man but how do I check your internal drive for Seagate software and remove it.

  Pine Man 08:15 01 Sep 2018

Open windows explorer and highlight C drive. Type Seagate in the search window at the top right and see what appears in the main window. Delete that which is not necessary.

  ponytail 08:48 01 Sep 2018

Will do what you suggested in a minute but have just been on to Seagate support and told them the problem and await their reply. click here

  ponytail 09:23 01 Sep 2018

Hi Pine Man have just done what you suggested and the search found the following Seagate c\users\paul\AppData 3 of Seagate c\users\paul\recent 2 of

My files appear in all 5 of these do I delete them all

  Pine Man 10:09 01 Sep 2018

Delete them all and format the Seagate drive.

  ponytail 10:13 01 Sep 2018

If I delete them from the Seagate drive would that also delete them from the laptop

  ponytail 10:17 01 Sep 2018

Is this how I format the drive Make sure the storage device is connected to and mounted on the computer. Select Go > Utilities in the Finder menu bar. In the Utilities folder, double-click Disk Utility. ... Select the Seagate drive in the left column. Click the Erase tab. Choose a format from the drop-down window. Enter a name for the volume.

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