Queries - with headset & mike and display appearan

  Daisy22 11:46 18 Nov 2005

I have two queries:

1. I have a plantronics headset with microphone which I use for internet phone calls. I cannot get the sound to come through the headset, only through the speakers of the PC (Windows XP). Is there something I need to do - I've tried the obvious like unplugging the main speakers and plugging just the headset, still doesn't work.

2. For some reason my display seems to have altered when I use the internet. It's fine for normal PC use and whilst the internet is running, however, when I "search" or go onto outlook the display goes fuzzy and the colours change. When I minimise my IP and outlook the colours go back to normal. Any ideas please?

  Daisy22 11:48 18 Nov 2005

sorry I forgot to say that it's not internet searching that causes the funny screen, just using outlook

  Daisy22 15:52 20 Nov 2005

Has anyone got a response please?

  Stuartli 18:03 20 Nov 2005

If your headset and mike has 3.5mm jackplugs you can use a 3.5mm adapter which plugs into the speakers outlet on your sound card and has a double output. Plug the speakers and headset jackplugs into the double output sockets.

Cost is about £1.50 at a local audio/visual outlet but here's exactly what I mean:

click here

I use this method with my headset (which has a volume control). I turn off the speakers and turn up the headset's volume control and reverse the sequence if I wish to use the speakers.

The headset's mike jackplug is used as normal in the soundcard but I find that I have to Mute the mike input in the Volume Control Panel for it to work with the headset (not sure why this should be so).

  Daisy22 19:04 20 Nov 2005

I am a beginner to all this, so sorry if the question sounds a bit daft. On my headset I have two plugs, one with a pink line and one with a black line. On the PC itself I have a socket for the pink plug, another socket which is blue and a socket which is green. In the green socket I have my speakers plugged into.

On the monitor I have two sockets one for microphone and one for hearing.

Into all this, which socket would I put the adapter which you suggest?


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