QuarkXpress picture box problem

  Vulcan 16:13 16 Jun 2010

I'm running QuarkXpress 5.0 with XP and am able to produce documents with no difficulty - except in respect of pictures. Although I have managed to drag (.jpg) images in on several occasions, on others they refuse to materialise. The picture box shows as normal with the "cross-hairs" until I pull an image in. The "cross-hairs" disappear and I am left with just a white box and no picture. Before I retired I used Quark daily, so am more than familiar with it, but this problem has me baffled - and I want to produce a newsletter in Quark pretty quickly! I produced last year's in Quark, although I seem to recall similar snags - but I can't remember how the problem resolved itself. Anyone any ideas?

  Diemmess 16:21 16 Jun 2010

Knowing almost nothing of Quark, nevertheless your problem seems familiar.
Is it possible that the picture is under a white fill of the reserved space?

  Vulcan 17:14 16 Jun 2010

Thanks for that Diemmess, but no - as a last resort, I have tried changing the picture box background from white to "none" but it makes no difference. I am beginning to think it may have something to do with the saved image, although I can't think I have done anything different when saving the "problem" images (in Photoshop) to those which are not a problem.

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