Quark Xpress, Win XP and laser printer

  SparkyMarky 01:46 14 Feb 2003

Hi y'all

A bit of a specific request here, hope someone can help.
I have just upgraded to Win XP from Win 98, and regularly use Quark Xpress to print on my old, trusty Hewlett Packard Laserjet 5L. Under W98, it was fine - and important part of my work involves producing laserprints and adjusting the dot size on halftones, in Quark.
But since the upgrade to Win XP, the 5L doesn't work properly: the drivers that come with XP don't work properly, and all the alternatives I've found, so far, on the net are no better. It seems that XP doesn't allow as much memory to be used to process the print job, and graphics-half-heavy pages print out badly (dropping the resolution from the usual 600dpi to 300dpi), half print, or don't print at all.

My question is: short of risking 80 squids on upgrading the printer memory (which may not work), does anyone know of a cheapish (up to 160 squids) laser printer that will work fine with XP AND with Quark's halftoning option. I mention this latter part because I can't do the halftoning with my partner's inkjet, and I'm worried that there may be other laser printers that don't allow you to do this.

I know it's a longshot, but if anyone else has the same setup as me and is printing laser prints at different halftone resolutions with no problem, please let me know what printer you're using.

If anyone has any other suggestions that might help, I'd be desperately grateful to hear them.

thanks in advance!


  AndySD 05:16 14 Feb 2003

It looks like its a known problem and HP are due to bring out new drivers for XP in April. Some people seem to have solved the problem by using the Windows 2000 Drivers..... but the downside of this is it prints slower.

  SparkyMarky 12:50 14 Feb 2003

Thanks for that Andy - although I'm not sure I've the patience to wait 'til April (nor the confidence that the new drivers will actually work, seeing as none of the ones they've released so far - including the W2000 ones - work as well and as reliably as they did under W98).


  SparkyMarky 10:46 15 Feb 2003

I've just spoken to HP's technical bods who suggested I tried the drivers for the Laserjet 4 Plus (which were no better). And they denied that they're working on any new drivers for release in April. Looks like it's gonna be a new printer... :((


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