Quark Xpress displaced pictures - HELP!!

  Vulcan 15:04 05 Jul 2014

Are there any Quark Xpress experts out there? I have a problem with one page of a two-page 'Newsletter' project inasmuch as while I have been able to print out Page 1 successfully, when I try to print Page 2 (a separate document completely) all the picture content is displaced, moving roughly 45 degrees upwards by a significant amount from the picture boxes themselves. I am far from being an expert myself. While having originally learned Quark in my employment about 40 years ago, I have recently returned to it in retirement, buying 9.5.1 and (theoretically!) upgrading to 10 - a wholoe new ball game! So if there are any 'experts' out there, I need leading by the hand with any suggested remedy - with answers in words of one syllable! No technical jargon, please!

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