Josquius 11:00 15 Jun 2003

My virus checker has found a virus today but said it couldn't delete it and has quarantined it.
What exactly does this mean to me- is the virus still dangerous or what? Can I delete it manually or will something happen?
Its called JS_NOCLOSE.E , anyone know about this?
My computer wasn't shutting down right yesterday so thats my guess...

  vinnyT 11:12 15 Jun 2003

Hi, this is part of the text about the JS_NOCLOSE.E virus copied from click here to get the rest of the info click on the link.

Similar to earlier variants, this non-destructive and non-memory resident JavaScript malware, usually embedded in certain Web sites, opens browser windows to perform its hidden functions.

Upon execution, it opens several Internet browser windows to pre-defined URLs that are listed in its body. The URL can be executed in a separate browser window or inside its own window. This way, it could execute several malicious script files in a user?s system without the user's knowledge.

It is not dangerous and destructive by itself, but its behavior can causes delays and can become annoying to users because of the traffic it produces. It also performs certain hidden functions and makes opened browser windows difficult to control or close.

You don't say which av sware you use, but most have info pages on virus' on their sites, and if their sware cannot remove it, they will often tell you how to do it manually.
Hope this helps.

  Forum Editor 11:14 15 Jun 2003

that isn't classed as destructive. It affects the opening and closing of web browser windows.

You should be able to delete the quarantined file by going to the virus vault, or whatever your virus checker calls its quarantine location, and manually deleting the quarantine file.

  Josquius 11:21 15 Jun 2003

The main thing I want to know is whats the deal with quarantining. How can your virus checker not delete some virus' yet you can manually? Can some spread if you try and delete them?
I am using PC-cillin 2002 which I updated a week ago.
It doesn't seem to have any links about the virus.

  VoG® 11:28 15 Jun 2003

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