Quad Q6600 vs Core 2 Duo E6600 (2.4Ghz)

  lauie 13:45 27 Feb 2008

Does anyone know of links or information regard the performance of the Q6600 vs E6600 in terms of
FPS for example playing (at 1680x1050 resolution):

2)Gears of War
3)encoding dvi file.


  belfman 14:31 27 Feb 2008

Get the Q6600.

What graphics card are you plugging in?

  keef66 15:02 27 Feb 2008

click here

I'd go for an E8400 personally (be patient, they are in short supply atm) And as good a graphics card as you can afford

  lauie 15:37 27 Feb 2008

At the moment i'm thinking of the following
cheap set-up:

0) oem vista at 32bit (<4gb ceiling)....£70

1) asus p5k, using p35 chipset - ddr2...£70
(so it may not be compatible with E8400)

2) ocz xt 'dual channel' 3gb:

3) generic AMD/ATI radeon 3870(512mb)...£135

4) cpu: e6600, q6600

5) PSU: ocz stealthxstream 600w.....£60

thanks for any info.

  eikonuj 16:03 27 Feb 2008

you stated the following-

1) asus p5k, using p35 chipset - ddr2...£70
(so it may not be compatible with E8400)

I have just built an Asus P5K with an E8400 and cannot get it to boot, please tell me where you found out it was incompatible.

Many Thanks

  citadel 17:17 27 Feb 2008

ip35 is supposed to be compatable even with the future cpu,s that come after the 8000 series.

  lauie 17:24 27 Feb 2008

Sorry to hear that u r having problems.

I think the P35 Chipset is not compatible with
the E8400, as it uses a lower voltage, because of the 45nm process that it was fabricated on - codename 'Wolfdale'.

Another new process was then followed call 'Penryn'.

You need to have a look at m/boards, which use the intel chipset X38, if you want to use the expensive E8400!

Look at Keef66 link to Tom's hardware. It does list all cpu which are compatible with either P35 or X38.

i hope this helps. Anyone, please can you verify what i just said. thanks.


  lauie 17:39 27 Feb 2008

You may need to 'flash' your motherboard's BIOS
for it to support the lower voltage E8400.

To get the GA-P35-DS3L to work with the Wolfdale processor, you need to flash the BIOS to the latest available version. The problem is, I do not own another ...
click here - 135k

  keef66 20:24 27 Feb 2008

visit the Asus website, find your mobo and check cpu support.

I think it depends on pcb version / revision, and the bios version.
The former is usually printed somewhere on the board itself; there's nothing you can do about it.
The latter can be flashed to a newer version if you know what you're doing. Easiest if you can boot it using an older supported cpu (borrowed)then update the bios directly from the Asus site, then put in your shiny new E8400.
Maybe a local pc shop could do this for you if they have a spare conroe cpu lying about??

failing that I have read it is possible to obtain the correct bios using another pc, save it to a usb flash drive and somehow boot with it attached(??).

  eikonuj 08:25 29 Feb 2008

I have sent it back to Overclockers to have the new bios installed.They couldn't guarantee a replacement would have the new bios,and the Asus website response is sslloooowww, long way round but easy and safe. John

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