Quad core or Duo?

  boopig 10:33 19 Dec 2007

We are looking at updating our computer and dont know wether to go to Quad 6600 2.4 mhz or Duo core 6850 3 mhz. Which is better, our machine will be used for mainly playing games. Any help much appreciated. Thanks

  I am Spartacus 10:38 19 Dec 2007

Have a look at click here Not much in it really depending on the process.

  boopig 10:45 19 Dec 2007

many thanks, as there doesnt seem much in it do you think quad core would be better for futureproof or should we stick to duo core

  I am Spartacus 10:53 19 Dec 2007

Quad core would seem to future proof and I've read that some games are already optimised for it. With the right motherboard either one can be overclocked, the Quad 6600 to over 3.2GHz with air cooling (although a better heatsink/fan would be an idea).

  Luz 10:55 19 Dec 2007

I have had a quadcore (Q6600) system for just over a month. The CPU is overclocked to 2.9, I am only complaring it to my prev pentium 4, but it is so much faster and the ability to do more than one task at once is brilliant. If I used to convert and burn a DVD that used to take up 100% of my CPU usage, now for instance I can convert and burn DVDs, download MPs and play on line all at the same time with no speed loss on my PC (no lag on games etc), TBH though as far as games go, you wont notice difference between duo and quad as games havent really been written to take advantage of them.... Maybe worry more about GFX card for game quality as there would be little gain between duo and quad (IMO- i may be wrong!). I would say wy not get the quad core one , but thats because i am happy with mine and the Q6600 is good for overclocking.... But am sure some Duo's will outperform it if we are talking games only, jyst see what you can get for teh equivalent money, check the benchmarkls and make your decision.... In summarry... I think that Quadcore systems lend themselves more to multi-tasking and maybe duo core could be better for gaming only PCs as tehy are poss slightly faster for the same money..... Please peopel feel free to disagree with me!!

  boopig 11:09 19 Dec 2007

Many thanks for all your replies, big decisions now to make!.

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