Channel 16:38 08 May 2005

I've discovered QAK.exe in my Start-up folder,and can get no info on it-even from Google.I suspect it's spyware, or worse, and it, or some other bug, has disabled my Norton Antivirus from starting when I boot, although it appears in the start-up list.(I suspect the program got in with some programs I installed from a mag CD-not this one !)Can anyone give advice about it ? When i go offline now I shall scan with both Norton and Ad-Aware, and hope they'll dispose of it.

  Chegs ® 17:06 08 May 2005

I found a bit about it,it was included in a massive "HighJack This" log,rather than read right thru a few thousand entries,I would recommend you d/l and install HJT on your PC.If there is anything nasty,this app will find it.

click here

  DieSse 17:09 08 May 2005

I got 3 hits on Google from qak.exe - and it does indeed seem to be spyware, or a trojan.

So do your scans and see what happens.

  Channel 22:38 08 May 2005

AdAware found it, and found Ezula, and I thought deleted them.However, Norton found them still present and was unable to delete them.I've downloaded Norton's advice about manual deletion- not had time to read fully, but it seems very involved,registry changes, of which I'm dubious.I notice my Antispam (Norton ) has also been disconnected.Where do I get Highjack this ?

  GroupFC 22:52 08 May 2005

You can get it from click here

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