Q6600 Overclock & XMS2 Memory OC Settings Help

  Arth010 16:55 20 Feb 2010

Hi guys. Hoping someone can help here! I'm pretty new to Overclocking things so don't go too nerdy on me :)

When I originally bought my machine, it was overclocked from 2.4ghz to 3ghz. One fine morning, I was half asleep and somehow managed to undo the overclocked settings and returned to default. As I didn't have the faintest clue how to overclock it again, it's been running at 2.4ghz for a long time now. Recently I started looking back into it and wondered if I could try to get it back to 3ghz again. I read on various forums other people's settings with the same processor+mobo combo and I tried the following to get to 3ghz again:

FSB: 1333
DRAM: Stock 800 (memory unlinked)
VCORE: 1.36v
DRAM: 2.110v
HT: 1.36
NB: 1.36
SB: 1.5

After putting these settings in, I've been running the machine gaming quite happily for about 3 days without issues except for this morning playing WoW it black screened and restarted. However, an interesting thing to note is that I also lowered my fans to medium speed this morning as they're quite noisy in my Antec1200 case.

Obviously random restarts are bad, and I'm wondering if it could be because I lowered the fans down, or because my voltages are too low? or too high? In CPU-Z for example it says my core voltage is 1.312v so would that be too low? or does it have the vdroop thing I've vaguely read about as I set it to 1.36 vcore in the bios? should I set that higher to give it more juice? 1.4v+ vcore?

Also here are my system specs:

Antec 1200 case
Thermaltake Toughpower 700W PSU
Samsung 1TB Serial ATA II 32MB cache
Intel Core?2 Quad Q6600 G0 Quad Core 4x2.4GHz 8MB
Coolermaster Hyper TX2 Fan
Corsair XMS2 4GB (2x2GB) DDR2 800MHz
BFG NVidia GeForce GTX 280 OC 1GB
Windows Vista SP1 Home Premium (32-bit)

Basically I'm hoping someone can look at my settings and make sure I'm along the right lines here, my temps are around 30 degrees atm just browsing websites (according to Realtemp) - (Speedfan says my cores around more close to 20c) and according to Realtemp, after playing a game for a few hours I get just under 50c (Speedfan is probably 40c I'd imagine).

Ok I tried a few other settings including upping the fsb to 1400, see if I could get 3.2ghz, trying with an x8 multiplier aswell, seems I'm capped at 3Ghz as nothing seemed to change. Sticking with that now, here are my new settings:

FSB: 1333
DRAM: 1000 mhz (Linked + Auto Ratio).
VCORE: 1.40v
VID: 1.3250v
DRAM: 1.91v
HT: 1.40
NB: 1.40
SB: 1.50

How does this look?

I'm just confused with what to do with my ram now.. it's default speed is 800mhz, will it be ok to run at 1000? as I'm doing now with it linked? would I also need to increase the DRAM voltage any higher than 1.9v?

My Windows Vista Experience Index Score always had a subscore of 5.4 for my ram, (everything else on 5.9) now it's running at 1000mhz, I'm getting a score of 5.7. Obviously I don't want to damage anything, any thoughts on the ram especially would be greatly appreciated, and apologies for my rambling!

Thanks in advance.

  Arth010 16:55 20 Feb 2010

p.s. Here is a pic of my temps and stuff.

click here

  User-312386 18:23 20 Feb 2010

I am confused as to why we dont see any GPU temperatures here? Could we also see the ram timings as well please!

  Arth010 19:27 20 Feb 2010

Hi Madboy, I have no idea why these programs aren't showing my gpu temps :s I just tried GPU-Z and it says it's running at 37c idle. I believe my ram timings are 5-5-5-18 (think that's the default) here's a screenshot maybe you can make more sense of it. click here

I'm just using the Asus Probe Software to see my temps atm, it says my cpu is at 24c vcore 1.36v and motherboard temp at 34c although earlier playing a game, the motherboard temp reached around 45 degrees and it gave me a warning.. not sure if that's too hot? either way, maybe that is caused by the ram being overclocked?

I'm really not sure what settings, ratio etc. to keep this ram at in conjunction with my 3Ghz processor overclock, but obviously if running them faster doesn't give me any performance increase but a lot of heat I wont bother. Although even if I leave them at the default 800mhz speed, do I leave them linked, unlinked? synced? 1:1 ratio? I'm really not sure.

Thanks in advance for your help.

  User-312386 19:39 20 Feb 2010

Download prime95 click here and see if the PC falls over quickly! You will then know if its an overclock problem. If it does lock up then lower the FSB

  mrwoowoo 19:48 20 Feb 2010

I have the same q660 which was running at 2.88GHz with the ram at 960mhz. Now at 2.97GHz and 990 MHz for the ram.
My CPU temps do get high even at idle at around 46c according to PC wizard. When gaming they can hit 70c without any problems. This is with an Arctic freezer pro fitted.
Like yourself i'm not exactly an expert but have had it overclocked for 2 years with no probs.
Have you capped your PCI express frequency at 100 MHz? You don't want your graphics card running higer than that as it will be unstable and may be the reason for the crash while playing WOW.
As you bump up the FSB to overclock your PCI-e will go up as well if not locked.
Also your CPU may well be hot as these programmes aren't always accurate which may be why it crashed with your fans running slower.
Just wondering what cooling you have on your CPU as ( if correct) your temps are nice and cool for that overclock.

  Arth010 19:51 20 Feb 2010

Will do, although processor temperatures seem to be fine atm, I'm just concerned about my memory settings and motherboard temperature under load.

Anyone have an idea about what to do with my ram? is it worth running it at 1000mhz instead of 800? will I actually get a performance gain from doing that?

  Arth010 20:09 20 Feb 2010

Hi Mrwoowoo! I don't think my temps have gone above 50c gaming which is nice, I have really nice Airflow in my case (it's a big Antec1200) as for cooling on the CPU, it's a Coolermaster Hyper TX2.

What are your settings for ram? what mode is it set? at the moment, mine is linked and set to Auto for 1000mhz.

I'm intrigued about the PCI express frequency.. will see if I can find it in the bios now. Although I'm pretty sure I haven't meddled with that.

  User-312386 22:28 20 Feb 2010

"Anyone have an idea about what to do with my ram? is it worth running it at 1000mhz instead of 800? will I actually get a performance gain from doing that?"

I would not have thought so as your timings would have to be "looser" for the speed adjustemt!

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