Q6600 Best Cooling?

  toon_mad 15:25 31 Oct 2008

Im looking to buy a new heatsink or fan/cooler of somesort for my GO Q6600 2.4Ghz CPU. I want to OC it to around 3.2Ghz - 3.4Ghz

At stock, everest reports it idle at around
Motherboard 39 °C (102 °F)
CPU 41 °C (106 °F)
CPU #1 / Core #1 47 °C (117 °F)
CPU #1 / Core #2 44 °C (111 °F)
CPU #1 / Core #3 45 °C (113 °F)
CPU #1 / Core #4 42 °C (108 °F)

So im looking for something that will allow me to OC my pc to around the above specs. Please advise, im new to this cheers.

  toon_mad 15:51 31 Oct 2008

Here are my current temps and things worth checking out:

click here


  toon_mad 16:03 31 Oct 2008

whats a safe temp, would 60-70°C be ok for this cpu?

Please advise thanks

  rustyboy 16:29 31 Oct 2008

temps for the Q6600 should be mid to hi 30's at idle and in the 50's under load.

If you intend to overclock it then id suggest going for a thermaltake V1 heatsink and get yourself some artic silver thermal past to put between the cpu and cooler. Make sure the surfaces are clean before you apply it.

  toon_mad 16:39 31 Oct 2008

so mine at stock are quite high i take it

  rustyboy 17:37 31 Oct 2008

41 average isnt that high. its certainly within the tolerences of the cpu. But if you do intend to OC it then you need to sort the cooling out first. If it overheats whilst you're playing with it to find a stable OC level then you could damage it.

  toon_mad 19:43 31 Oct 2008

got it to 3.0Ghz on air, temps shown on CoreTemp report around 45°C on each core idle, thats with the FSB set to 1333 and mem frequency at 667Mhz, the Vcore at 1.30v, NBCore and the others on auto.

Also, the VCore offset voltage, should this be set at +100mv or left?


  toon_mad 19:54 31 Oct 2008

scrap that last OC unstable "The system has halted BSOD", most OC values seem unreliable for me

  I am Spartacus 20:05 31 Oct 2008

You will have to set your RAM at a lower speed than 667MHz at an overclock of 3GHz. As I mentioned before in your other thread 4 x 1GB sticks of RAM will not run stably at CPU stock speeds greater than around 667MHz. What did the BSOD say about the error?

You could waste your money on a Thermaltake V1 or buy, as I suggested before a Thermalright Ultra Extreme 120 (TRUE). You will not get a better air cooler.

If you want pretty and effective you could try the TRUE Copper click here+(Without+Fan)

Thermaltake are supposedly sending me one for review but I've not received it yet. I doubt though that it will be better than the aluminium version.

  I am Spartacus 20:09 31 Oct 2008

Just checked out your screenshots. Change the RAM timings to 5-5-5-18 and the RAM voltage to 2.1V.

I would suggest not going higher than 3GHz until you have a proper heatsink fitted to the CPU.

  toon_mad 20:11 31 Oct 2008

not been so savvy when it comes to the insides, something that i could connect with minimal fuss is a no.1

Im not sure how easy they are to install etc, perhaps your second link cooler would be best then? At a price too i see :)

Cant remember the exact error, just said something along the lines of "Hardware malfunction..The System Has Halted"..

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