Q. Delete folder contents but not Folder ??

  Noels 10:29 14 Jan 2004

I have saved the contents of "My Documents" folder to a CD. (100's of items) which I would now like to delete in one go without deleting the folder itself. Is this possible or is the easiest thing to delete folder and contents then create a new folder?

Regards Noels

  [email protected]@m 10:32 14 Jan 2004

In My Documents, click Edit, Select all, Delete button.

  Noels 10:34 14 Jan 2004

[email protected]@m

Thank you thought there should be an easy answer

Regards Noels

  smegs 10:34 14 Jan 2004

Go into the folder that U want to delete the contents, highlight the top file blue, then goto the bottom of the folder, press the shift button and click the last file. This should highlight all the files, when U have done that, click delete. Or Go into the folder, then goto "EDIT" top of page, click "select all" then press delete.

  tbh72 10:38 14 Jan 2004

In windows explorer navigate to the "My Documents" folder, ensuring its visible in the left hand pane. Left click on this folder & it's contents appear in the right hand pane. Click on the first file "right hand pane" use the right most slide bar to navigate to the bottom most file in the list. Press & hold the shift key on your keyboard & left click on the last file. All files should now be highlighted. You now have two choices.

1. Press the delete key on your keyboard to remove the files to your recycle bin.


2. Carryout proceedure one with the exception of holding the shift key down at the same time to remove the files from your harddrive & computer.

Obviously, check that the copy you have made is accessable first prior to deleting your files or you could loose your work.

Post back if you encounter problems?

  Noels 10:44 14 Jan 2004

tbh72 smegs Thanks to all the replies just get better and better Noels

  Gemma 13:03 14 Jan 2004

Just for completeness. Select..Shift/Select will mark a block (to delete, move etc.).
Ctrl/Select will mark non contiguous entries and will toggle selected/not selected. E.g. mark a block of files with Shift/Select and deselect one in the middle with Ctrl/Select. Or e.g. select the first, third and tenth by holding Ctrl and selecting with the left mouse button.

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