PXE error

  [DELETED] 10:20 05 Aug 2003

I have a Win 2k machine which slows down after a couple of hours and occasionally locks up with the following error message.....Client Mac Adr **** PXE-E53 No boot filename received. PXE-MOF Exiting Intel PXE-ROM Drive Not Ready - System Halted.
A hard reboot starts the sequence again ie from running ok to slowdown to lock up.
Is the hdd failing or should I be looking elsewhere for the problem. Any pointers before I start lashing out unnecessary money would be appreciated.


  Big Elf 10:29 05 Aug 2003

A Google search using PXE-E53 suggests that it's a network problem, possibly configuration.

  [DELETED] 10:33 05 Aug 2003

I can't help much, but have a read of this, about boot-roms. click here

Is your system in a network, or was it in a network at some time?

  [DELETED] 11:18 05 Aug 2003

Hi Guys

Yes the machine is on a network and all other machines on the network are working fine. Because the machine starts off ok and gradually falls over the network configuration is presumably ok which made me think of hardware. Suppose the NIC could be failing as it gets hotter? What do you think?

  Big Elf 11:48 05 Aug 2003

I know next to nothing about networking and your overheating suggestion could be valid. However the manufacturer of the Network card may have a FAQ. I found this for LANDisk click here

  Big Elf 11:49 05 Aug 2003

LANDesk not LANDisk

  Big Elf 11:50 05 Aug 2003
  [DELETED] 12:27 05 Aug 2003

Thanks for the links Big Elf....looks promising. I`ll reload all the network configurations in case one is corrupt as a starter and see where we go from there. Thanks for your help, I`ll leave the thread open and post back with a progress report. Cheers.

  [DELETED] 09:50 19 Aug 2003

This has taken a long time to resolve but finally got there. After swapping just about everything in turn it eventually turned out to be a problem with the motherboard. Thanks to all for your help.


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