Pwr Supplies 2 Dead

  Osgerby 18:19 09 Dec 2004

Hi I run a small business repairing and building computers (That's where the name comes from Osgerby) today I had to go back 1 that I built for a customer in Telford, 3 week old computer and the power supply died.

Fitted the test one that I carry in the car and it worked on test ok I then replaced the computer in the customers desk and connected it up as it was through a surge procter, this lasted about 3 mins under load. (When tested computer was at a diffrent wall socket).

Tried a third pwr supply at another wall socket and it worked alright under test for an hour, where I then switched it off replaced under desk back through surge procter started it up it lasted 4 mins then died.

all three have been tested in another computer and are dead, just a small filck of fans then nothing. The funny thing is that ther are 6 other things on the surge all ok.

Question is it poss for a surge procter to be able to do this to a pwr supply ?

  Dorsai 18:37 09 Dec 2004

Perhaps the fault lies with one of the other six items on the surge protector. Do you happen to remember what they were?

Cant imagine what would do it though.

  Osgerby 18:44 09 Dec 2004

1 Monitor
2 Speakers
3 Camera pwr supply (switched off at surge it
comes with a switch for each socket)
4 Hp Printer / Scanner combo (also switch off)
5 Pwr supply for radio mouse
6 Computer it's self.
All Items worked ok both on and off surge

  Osgerby 18:45 09 Dec 2004

Forgot computer not connected on test but connect when put back.

  Dorsai 18:56 09 Dec 2004

I Cant imagine how any of these items could damage a PSU, without also damaging any of the other items . Nor can i see how a surge protector itself could knacker A PSU.

i can only think of 3 things.

1. I am wrong in the above, and somehow one item is faulty, and blows PSU's, but only PSU's. Unlikely, but not beyond the realms of possibility.

2. The PSU's were faulty, and just by chance all blew up 4 mins after being plugged into the surge protector. Unlikely, but not beyond the realms of possibility.

3. something i have not thought of, but is the actual cause of events. likely, and quite possable.

  easyrider 19:23 09 Dec 2004

I am not an electrical genius but could it be possible that the problem lies with the socket on the surge protector that you plug the computer into assuming that you used the same socket on surge protector each time. I would try either a different socket on surge protector or a new surge protector.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 19:50 09 Dec 2004

From my experiences I would suspect the motherboard as the culprit.

  Osgerby 19:51 09 Dec 2004

That's my thought I talked with tech support at my supplier and he ad never heard of this but said that he thinks that maybe they need a ups like I have a home to run my server.

Anyway I have the coMputer here at my home office and will fit a brand new psu tomorrow then test the computer at home and will let you know how it goes.

  easyrider 20:01 09 Dec 2004

It maybe a short in the socket between the live & neutral it would just require a hairline crack and a little moisture and bobs your uncle.

  wiz-king 20:02 09 Dec 2004

Try the power supply with out pluging in the computer just put a car sidelight bulb on it to give it a load, check that its not switched to 110v, check the mains voltage first.
Scratch head and say 'dunno'

  Osgerby 20:31 09 Dec 2004

I think it has some thing to do with that socket on surge as the computer only blows the psu when pluged in to that one as that's the one it aways goes into, couldn't try another as had no more psus with me. Tried the bridge pwr good conections al 3 dead.

If it was motherboard why did it play a game and run full anti virus scan for a hour and then when pluged back into surge fail within 3 mins, it only fails when connected through surge socket the same one each time.

Anyway will get new psu and try at home in stoke from my ups to see if that fails. Will let you all know outcome.

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