PVRs - copying from hard disc

  talisker 12:40 17 Feb 2014

Are there any PVRs available for freesat (no proper freeview signal where I live) that allow you to copy form hard disc to DVD recorder, USB or any other way? use this facility on old sky+ box but sick of sky and want to replace. Looking at Humax HDR-1010S Freesat Freetime 1TB Receiver with Built-In Wi-Fi but cant get info I need. Any advice folks? Many thanks once again

  xania 13:11 17 Feb 2014

I always thought that you couldn't do this in any case because of IPR issues, but if Sky are doing it... Have to agree with you about Sky in general though. You may find some of this helpful - a quick glance indicates that its not all that simple:

click here




  talisker 13:42 17 Feb 2014

thanks xania. fyi on my sky+ box (not hd) on the menu for recorded programmes there is a copy facility just have to highlight prog press red button and follow instructions.connected to cheap dvd recorder via scart and gives decent copy on DVD+RW disc. found by using those will play on PC and of course can store and play back from dvd player anytime. dont know about sk+HD but next door have one so will investigate. seems only way to tell is buy the humax and hope for the best. cant see why cant sort a switchable Hd box so playback from humax goes to dvd recorder but Im guessing! probably 100 raesons why it wont work but can try. thanks for your links. if intereted will let you know but it will be a while!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:37 17 Feb 2014

you should be able to copy the files from the HDD onto a USB stick or External drive plugged into the USB port

I can do this on my Humax FOX T2, HD files are encrypted on the box but decrypted when copied across to USB but not decrypted if moved by networking the HUmax wirelessly or by cable. Foxy software will decrypt those files if you want to move files that way.

MY HUMAX FORUM will answer all your questions here are some concerning your box

  hastelloy 08:58 18 Feb 2014

I have recorded onto my dvd recorder from my Humax PVR (Freeview) connected by scart.

  talisker 12:11 18 Feb 2014

Big thanks to Fruit Bat/\0/\ and Marvin42. Thats decided things and its a long overdue foxtrot oscar to sky!! YEEEE HAA!!

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