PVR Suitablity - old Humax works but new one Wont?

  LizMac42 14:20 25 Apr 2017

We bought a new Samsung television (SAMUE40KU600) and, though we already had an old Humax pvr ( 9300T ) we decided to upgrade to a new Humax (1800T) However when setting up the system the tv worked perfectly, including HD channels, but the 1800T kept giving "No Signal" even the engineer could not get it to work.

We returned the 1800T because the old ( 9300T ) still worked ok but is now showing its age with intermittent problems. We have no idea which model has a tuner which is best at picking up weak signals. We live on the Suffolk coast where it is known to have a weaker signal. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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